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    Galaxy S3 Data connection horrible


      I've had the Galaxy S3 since July 6 and so far the two things that are bugging me out is the battery life and data connections.

      The battery life is horrid. I barely make it half a day before it's down to 20%.

      The data connection doesn't stay connected. I lose the 3g/4gLTE icon constantly. When i do have 4G, it's very slow to initially connect to anything. Once it's connected though it is very fast. But what's the point if the data connection is always dropping??

      It also does a horrible job switching from 4g to 3g and vice versa.


      This pushes me to use wifi... another issue.

      I am one room away from the wifi router. I understand walls reduce signal but only 2 bars?? come on.


      Please fix these on next incremental update. Preferably in the next month or so. Not 2013.

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          Having the same exact issue. When its on 4G its absolutely worthless in the middle of town in a 4G prominent area, I can't so much as bring up a webpage. I had to download the app "Phone info" so that I could switch off the 4G completely and just use 3G(which works fine). I love the phone, but this is kind of aggravating. Battery has been fine for me though.


          UPDATE: So it had gotten to the point where my data connection wasn't working at all, so I powered off the phone, took out the sim card, powered it back on (obviously got the no sim card message), powered back off, and then reinserted my sim (making sure to hold it all the way in for a few seconds), and then powered back on. Now my 4G is working rock solid in 4G areas, actually getting 19Mb+ wereas before on 4G it was slower than 3G if it even let me do anything. I have no idea whether it had to do with the SIM card seating or the booting without the sim card clearing some kind of cache, but it now seems to work great.

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            I am experiencing similar issues.  At my house I am lucky to get 1x data coverage and maybe briefly 3G connectivity.  According to Verizon's coverage map, I am in a 4G extended area but solid 3G area.  If I drive 3/4 mile to the end of my street, I get the 4G icon.  Went to a friend's house that shows same data coverage as my address and got 4G no problem.  I have to conclude it is my particular home location, which in pre-data days had poor voice coverage.  Do you get the same problem everywhere you go?

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              Same here. My Droid2 seemed much faster.

              Constant push to connect to WiFi is there, but when I do connect via WiFi, even with a strong signal, it's slower  than the vzn network.

              Really hoping a future update will address these issues.

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                What city are you in? I'm in Atlanta and since I received my S3 on last Monday I haven't had any signal issues. The 4G has been pretty strong wherever I go and the battery life will get me thru my 8-9 work day without having to put it on the charger. If I run Sirius XM at work without the charger, I still will not have to use the charger until late in the afternoon when it gets to 20% charged. I guess everyone has different experiences based on how they use it and where they are located.

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                  My data connection seems ****** on my galaxy s3 as well.  It will go from 4g to 3g to 1x to nothing....Extremely frustrating!

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                    Same here, commented on another post about this to. Since I have no 4g around me have no way to check that, but my signal goes from 1-2 bars of 3g, to 1-2bars of 1x in the course of 15 minutes. Have yet to even have 5 bars of anything in my area. Some people have had luck so far with getting a new sim card, others with changing antenna settings. So far the antenna settings havent helped. Will try the sim card replacment if I can get it for free this weekend.

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                      Samsung is somewhat notorious for having poor radio reception, which would also contribute to poor battery life.  If the phone can maintain a signal, it doesn't waste battery looking for it.  Although, saying you have only 20% after half a day doesn't tell much, as the largest effect on battery is usage.  Most Android phones get about 2 hours screen-on time on a full charge.  For me, that equals a full work day of battery life, as I work in construction and don't spend a lot of time on the phone while at work.

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                        16 hour battery life and solid connection here in vegas

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                          Mine works great. I can go 12 hours and down to 50% + 


                          4G works just fine for me in Atlanta wherever I go

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