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    Software Update Server Unavailable


      My Rhyme has not alllowed a software update since 11/26/11.  There are several bugs with the phone that I am hoping will be fixed with the software update but I am unable to update.  I have tried via 3G and Wifi.  I also have seen a recommendation to try and put the phone in safe mode.  However, when I try to do it, the phone does nothing.  I have been to the Verizon store and they really don't know.  They could only recommend a hard reset which I would prefer to avoid if at all possible.  Any ideas?  Really disappointed in this phone!

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Emery94, Don’t worry because I’m here to help.

          I do show that the most recent software update for this phone was released on April 9, 2012. The updated version is 2.20.605.3 710RD. What software version do you have on your phone?

          How are you checking for a software update on your phone? On the main screen select Menu > Settings > Software Update > Check New.

          What happens when you select Check New?

          If you have the most current software version, please provide more details regarding the issues you are having. I’ll be more than happy to further assist you.

          John B

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            I am having the same issue.  Everytime I try to check for a Software Update, I get this message:



            Check for Software Update

            under Settings when service is



            Under Software Information:

            Software number: 1.26.605.11

            PRI Version: 2.67_002

            PRL Version: 52501

            ERI Version: 5

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              I have checked for the software update under the Settings.  I receive "Server Unavailable Check for Software Updates under Settings when service is available".  I have tried to access both while under 3G and Wifi with no success.


              Software Information:

              Android Version: 2.3.4

              HTC Sense Version:  3.5

              Software Number:  1.26.605.11

              PRI Version:  2.67-002

              PRL Version:  52809

              ERI Version:  5

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                My daughter's rhyme has the exact same issue, I have gotten it into safe mode and get the same server unavailable message.  I have seen other Verizon support responses asking to remove the battery, not a very thoughtful response since yes you can see the battery by removing the back cover but it is impossible without causing damage to the phone itself to remove the battery from a rhyme,  at least by the customer.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  If hard resetting the phone is sure to work then I will accept that option, I just don't believe that anyone at Verizon is paying attention.

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                  I was tired of waiting for a response from Verizon.  I ended up doing a hard reset and it did allow a software update afterwards.  However, I had to reload all of my apps - what a pain!!  So far seems to be doing okay.  Apparently the Midwest lost data over the night so I have had some trouble but I am unsure if it is due to the phone or the date outage.  Time will tell.  I can't wait until my upgrade.  Unfortunately it isn't until next July

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                    My Phone is doing the exact same thing, i dont think i ever received an upgrade since i bought the phone. My upgrade failed on 12/1/11 and has been showing server unavailable ever since. Verizon Please help!!

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                      Same exact issue here - the update failed on 11/29/2011 and the perpetual message is that the server is unavailable. Horrible consumer experience to need to do a hard reset in order for the thing to work. Also, very disappointing that 4.0 still hasn't rolled out despite the tease of June-July being announced as the landing time frame.

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                        This is exactly why I'm upgrading in October to the iPhone. I'm DONE with Android. Never had a problem with my iPad and iPod. Should have gotten the iPhone when I had the chance.


                        And yes, I'm having the exact same server unavailable issue with my HTC Rhyme and it does appear that no one has a solution. I don't think it's Verizon's fault - I think HTC just puts out an inferior product.


                        Oh, and I performed a hard reset on my phone a few weeks ago following another issue, and it did not fix this server problem, so I wouldn't recommend doing it unless you have tried everything else first.

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                          We hard reset my daughters rhyme and we're now able to update without any




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