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    How do I undo this ICS update on my RAZR?


      As the title states...How do I undo this ICS update on my RAZR?


      I don't need it.  I don't want it.  What I want is for my phone to work like it did prior to the update.  Now, it only wants to run on 4G, which KILLS the battery.  I don't need 4G.  Prior to the update I could easily set my phone for 3G only and it stayed there.  Now, I have to jump through hoops to got to 3G only, and when I have to reboot due to other issues (also new with the update), it's back to 4G, sucking the life out of the battery.  The other main issue I've had is my data connection is spotty, and email just stops working.   This requires a phone reboot to correct.  And then I have to ***** around with getting it set up for 3G only again.


      Verizon...I have had enough problems with you.  After this, I can promise you...no more.  I'm done when this contract is up.

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