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    Galaxy S3, unfortunately touchwiz home has stopped


      So, I got my new S3 and it is very sexy looking. Now I started up and everything was great. But once I Import my contacts from my old smartphone ( Eres) using the vcf file, I start getting the "unfortunately touchwiz home has stopped" which pretty much makes the phone unusable cause it keeps popping up every time u press okay.  I had to factory reset a couple of times to narrow down the issue to the contact Import.


      So was wondering if anyone has run into this issue before? cause I would hate to have to enter all my contacts again manually.

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          So after messing with the vcf file I came to the conclusion something from the data that links the vCard to Facebook is not working well with Touchwiz Home.  So to solve it I just Imported all my contacts from the old phone to Gmail and then used Dmail to sync contacts on the S3. Hope that helps anyone if they run into the same issue.

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            Samsung or Verizon, I hope you guys will give us the solution.  At first, I thought this was because I have 15000 emails/contacts to be transferred and the phone will lockup and display the "Unfortunately, TouchWiz home is stopped".  As I see that there are many of you having the similar problem.


            I ran into this problem as soon as I activate the phone and do a contact transfer about a week ago.  Many days later, after stopping by the VZ store for hours with the Device Specialist - and after a couple of factory resets, I had to go home and wait for the complete transfer which takes 12 or more hours.  Then after that is done, it freezes again.  I called VZ technical service couple more times and reset again and again and spent a day to do the contact transfer again; and the problem just keep popping up.  The store Specialist suppose to called me back today and did not again.


            I called and told VZ the very second day that I do not want to pay for the restocking charge of $35 since it is the problem with the phone.  He told me he noted on the account but later when I asked other agent to check, it was not noted on my account! 


            I hope the store Specialist will help me to fix the problem and or get the restocking fee waived. I think I need to wait for the a better phone or till they fixed the problem.  I will return it and stick with my Bionic for now. 


            So, anyone from VZ or Samsung or Google, please speak up and take action to help us.


            P.S.  I did tried reset, cleared TouchWiz cache, display phone contacts only, and other so called solutions that were given without result.


            P.P.S.  I also tried transfer or sync contacts from gmail, sdcard


            Does anyone know if there is an app that will keep all my phone contacts with phone numbers only and not email included. This will make a much smaller file to store and search for dialing, right?

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              I was having the same issue, and reached out to Samsung Chat support, they told me that this issue has to do with the Accuweather Widget settings.  They told me to do the following steps after you open the Accuweather application "Touch the bottom left “Menu’ button and select Settings. 3. Uncheck “New Year”, “My birthday”, & “Contact’s birthday”."

              So far i have not had any issue with my touchwiz.


              Hope this helps.

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                I am having this same problem on my GIII, anybody from verizon/samsung care to comment.  Touchwiz home has failed, I tried all of the things above and even reverted to just plain wallpaper to no avail.!!!

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                  I also reached out to samsung chat support. Go into Application Manager. go to All. go to Weather and clear data from any Weather apps. This will reset that widget and the touchwiz home goes away!  Super simple fix!

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                    Go to Application Manager


                    Weather (i had 3 of them)

                    Clear Data


                    Done!  Samsung chat tech support showed me how