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    Why do deleted emails reappear?


      My Tour, while otherwise problem-free, has the annoying habit of regurgitating deleted emails back into my inbox - most recently some as old as 2010 - as if they were new messages. While occasionally it's fun to take a quick trip down memory lane, most of the time it's just a hassle to re-delete dozens of messages you deleted once before.


      Has anyone else experienced this and if so, have you been able prevent it from recurring?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          We want your deleted e-mails to stay where they belong Bostom! How long has this been happening? Does it happen only with a specific e-mail client? Does it happen with all the deleted e-mails? If it is happening with one specific client, I recommend deleting and readding the e-mail account.


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            No, the deleted messages come from both email accounts I forward to the Blackberry. I have removed and readded both accounts in the past, however, without any changes - I still, every couple of weeks, get old messages I've read before in my inbox. It hasn't happened for a while. Is there anything to look for or do the next time it occurs?


            Thanks in advance for your help.

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              I have the same issue. My deleted emails keep appearing.  I do not want to delete my emails on my computer...just on my phone....and not return.  thanks Lori

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                btw...my email account is Verizon

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                  This is happening to me too on my Motorola Razer Max.  Has anyone resolved this?

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                    Jonathan, DK, anybody:


                    This is a bump. The same problem keeps happening. In fact, DK's post of a month ago re-appeared in my inbox as a new message this past weekend (September 22-23) prompting me to write again.


                    So obviously I'm not the only one this is happening to. Has anyone, at VZW or a user, figured out a way to make 'em go away and stay gone? Like Doodling, some messages I want to leave in my computer's email inboxes so I chose "delete on handheld" and these are the ones that come back months and even sometimes years later. They also tend to come as a "dump" where I'll get several; never one alone.


                    Thanks for your help. I'm looking for an answer. I hope there's one out there.

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      Hello again Bostom and community!

                      I personally don't deleting emails in the first place, so I know I wouldn't want to do it twice! 

                      The reason why this happens is as you mentioned, when you choose "delete on handheld" and they remain on your email server they technically have a chance of being "resyncd" to your phone.

                      The only sure fire way to not have that possibility is to delete the message from your actual email. 

                      I understand that may take some time as I just deleted over 900 messages myself, but it's worth it.

                      Good luck!


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