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    Samsung Galaxy S3: Locked Bootloader, Bloatware, Software Upgrade Reliability?


      1. Locked Bootloader!!!!

      So as others have posted thus far, the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S3 indeed has a locked bootloader to "protect us from ourselves." While most will use the TouchWiz, others who are obviously far more technologically competent than folks at Verizon will want to install a pure Android ROM. Cyanogenmod 9 is a good example. So why the obvious block on the developer community? Verizon definitely knows most people don't know even remotely know how to go <Deleted per the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service.> on the phone, but it is locked. What a disservice to Android!!! Samsung even released the source code on their website. WT|=


      2. Upgrade Reliability

      Continuing from #1, the jailed phone will rely upon the speedy upgrades by Verizon that happen ever so often meaning never. You messed up my HTC Incredible once because your jokers let out a bad upgrade. Why don't you just let the manufacturers worry about software upgrades? You can just dictate that your standard bloatware be added to all of them. If I have to sign a 2 year deal, then I want a phone supported for 2 years with full software upgrades. You obviously bungle that all the time so leave it the manufacturers, Google, and generally more intelligent community.


      3. Bloatware

      Carriers continue to assume that I care about their substandard products when superior alternatives available on all platforms exist. Verizon can't make a Shazam, Google Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc. So why keep installing your garbage when it takes up space, probably messes with the Android OS itself, and is not easy to use? Just stick with your My Verizon Mobile so I can monitor my use and pay bills.

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