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    Galaxy S3 mobile hotspot


      Is anyone having issues with keeping mobile hotspot active? I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I subscribe to mobile hotspot. It stays on for about 10 minutes, then turns itself off. I have to constantly turn it back on. Any ideas?

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          I have the same exact issue with frequent disconnects from hotspot, just talked to customer service but no help.

          I had the same issue when I first got HTC Thunderbolt when it was released in April 2011, but it took almost 6 months for Verizon/HTC to fix the issue. Hopefully for s3, fix would come out faster this time around.

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            I have had the S3 since day one.  During extended hotspot usage the phone reboots itself.  I to had the same issue with the HTC Thunderbolt back when it first came out.  This is my first Samsung. I hope they are better than HTC and hope their relationship with Verizon is better than HTC and Verizon who loved to blame each other for the Thunderbolt issues.  Also having issues keeping my phone in 4g.   Anyone find a LTE switch?

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi Hurricane80

              Not being able to use the mobile Hotspot would be very frustrating. Let's get this fixed quickly so you can go back to enjoying your Samsung Galaxy S3.

              Please try changing the setting to "Allow All Devices to connect" from "Only allowed devices".  This is located at the top of the Mobile Hotspot screen, right below where you can toggle it off and on.

              Please let me know if this helps, if not we can further troubleshoot.

              Thank you,
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                Same problem here.


                I have had "Allow All Devices to connect" as the hotspot setting since I first set it up a month ago.

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                  Well Verizon.  What is the solution to this problem?  The hotspot is only active for 5-10 minutes then turns off automatically.  This question was presented a month ago and still no solution? 

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                    Under the settings there is a option to disconnect the hotspot after a specific time, have you tried setting it to never...  Look under the Settings / Wifi / Advance / Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep/ Always

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                      I have it set like you mentioned but it still turns off.

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                        That is a strange one...   Are you using the Power Manager feature on the device?  I have noticed that it has a option to control the wifi connection and this may be effecting the Hotspot application, if you have it on try disabling it and see if this helps..

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                          In addition to this problem, I seem to have another.  My screen is nice and bright when using but when I go to the internet it dims such that it’s difficult to see.  I have turned off power saver and have maxed out screen brightness but the problem still occurs.

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