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    What does "RTR FOR ALP" mean?


      I just finished switching my 1400 minute family plan over to the 1GB Share Everything Plan and I noticed that for all four of the phones on the plan (three smart phones and one basic phone), there is an added feature called RTR FOR ALP on all four lines.


      I was shown that FRIENDS & FAMILY ALP - 10 would be removed from all lines and that RTR FOR CAPPED PLANS $0 would be removed from the 4G phone's line and RTR FOR CAPPED MBBC $0 would be removed from the basic phone's line. If I had enough examples of RTR and ALP in use I might be able to figure it out, but with only my own plan to look at, I'm stumped.


      So what does RTR FOR ALP mean and what does the feature allow me to do that I couldn't do before?

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