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    Possible Switch from Sprint to Verizon


      I am having connect problems with my Nextel/Sprint phone as Sprint is

      moving Nextel customers to their equipment.  Prior to "upgrading" on

      Sprint, am exploring other possible options.  I currently have

      Motorola i880 phone with Nextel/Sprint which provides (or did)

      unlimited domestic phone services for $39 a month.  I have not been

      using email, texting or web access on the current phone.  I'm looking

      to get updated or new phone services, plus email, texting and some web



      What would be a good phone to look at on Verizon's site and possible reasonable plans to review.

      I mainly use my phone when traveling, but would use it more if I had email, texting and web access.

      Any pointers in possible directions would be greatly appreciated.




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          This is a switch. Where unhappy Verizon customers are planning on leaving Verizon to go to Sprint (unlimited data), you are planning on leaving Sprint to come to Verizon. Welcome.

          There are quite a few plans. All the plans can be broken into one of two types; family plan or Individual plan. Family plans allow two or more phones to share talking minutes. Now they have a new plan where you can share talking, texting and data usage. Individual plans allow for one phone and have different amounts of talking at different prices. Determine whether you yourself will be using a phone, or sharing with someone else. If you are going solo, the individual plan would be best. I suggest getting a pen and piece of paper and go to the plans offered by Verizon, write them down and do some mental comparisons. One thing to remember, regardless of plan, data can be expensive. Figure out about how much data you'll be using per month and figure out what it will cost.

          As for smartphones, that is definitely a personal preference. You have different types; Android, Blackberry, IPhones, Window phones, and Palms. The two most popular types are the Android and the IPhone. Than, with the Android, you have Motorolas, HTCs, LGs, and Samsungs. My own preferences are LGs and Motorolas. Again, check the phones, see what they offer, and read the revues. Once you boil it down to three or four, do a comparison. You may also want to go to a local Verizon store (or any store which sells the phones) and hold one in your hand. In the Verizon stores, you do have a chance to actually play with them, whereas in the third party stores, you can only hold them.

          You have a lot of homework to do. Good luck, and welcome aboard.

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            Thanks for the reply - I may have confused you!  I have a Nextel Phone and Nextel was acquired by Sprint.  I have not yet switched to a Sprint phone/network and they are phasing out the Nextel Network, so, I am shopping around prior to comitting to Sprint.  Sprint is offering a Motorola Admiral 4G phone for .99 to Nextel user to convert, but in reviewing some of the reviews on the phone, I see notes of people having problems with the phone maintaining a charge (will not last all day?).  So, I am trying to get a fix on a possible good phone and can then decide between Sprint and Verizon as to the plan.  I use my phone mainly for traveling currently, not a lot at home as I have a different home phone.  But currently do not have email, testing or Internet on my current phone and would like that - would probably use the phone more if those assets were available.  Sprint has program plans for $69 for the items you listed, but some friends are pushing Verizon over Sprint.


            But the first thing is, I have to decide on a phone I want and then begin looking at the plans.  Is the charge problem with the Motorola Admiral 4G as bad as folks are saying (I'm a big Internet user as home and know that these communities are normally filled with people with a complaint - and not happy users of the devices - so, I tend to try to look past that sometimes.


            Let me know you thoughts - I printed your message and will use the content in my review


            Thanks a lot.

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              I would say that with one or two exceptions, most smartphones with a regular battery will only last 6 to 8 hours, if you are a heavy user, maybe even less. That's the life of a smartphone. There are some exceptions, the Motorola Razr Maxx will usually give you a full days worth. The LG Spectrum with extended battery will also go almost a full day. I'm sure there are a few more out there, but as a whole, most smartphones are known for their terrible battery life.

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                Thanks for the reply - will look into these.