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    Jetpack 4620L no Sim?


      So I just purchased a supposedly new Jetpack 4620L from a reseller on Amazon. When I opened the box there was no sim card in the box. Is there suppose to be a sim card in the box? I bought it for the use of using the LTE network around my area plus for travel. I find it hard to believe that if the unit is brand new that it does not come with a sim card. If this is the case, can I go to the Verizon store to get one and if so how much does this cost? I leave on my trip in a few days and I really don't have the time to wait for it to be sent in the mail. 





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          Did you extend your contract when you purchase this device?  If not, it wouldn't come with a SIM card.  You can go to a corporate Verizon Wireless store and get a SIM card activated at no charge.

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            What do you mean by extend my contract? I am not up for renewal for another year. I purchased this off amazon as brand new item from a reseller so I assume that it would just come with a sim in the box. I wanted to do the prepaid route since I won't be be using the device every month. My real question is if you buy this from Verizon directly does it come with a sim card already in the box. Verizon doesn't make these devices they are already made for them and Verizon just ships them out. Is there something different about pre paid that I am not aware of? like the sim doesn't come in the box?

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              If you bought from Verizon then you would have gotten a SIM with the device.  You can purchase the device from VZW under a two year contract.  That is what I meant by extending or renewing your contract.  Since you now mention that you would be using it as a prepaid broadband device, you would still need to get a SIM card and setup the prepaid account unless you already have one.  One word of thought, if you cancel the prepaid account for any length of time you might have to get a new SIM card every time you activate the account again.  This is because the SIM card also because deactivated and can't be re-activated.

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                I am not really sure about that. My iPad can do a month to month subscription and I have Verizon with it. You may be right on that, can anybody from Verizon chime in and confirm what Ann154 said? If this is true, I find it odd that Verizon would do this since they sell them on the VZW site as a month to month or contract bases.

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