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    Galaxy S3 - No way to force 3G only?


      I received my Galaxy S3 yesterday and while I am generally pleased with it, there are a couple of things that are just strange. I live in a fringe 4G LTE area and in 28 hours, iut has had to be recharged from 0% twice. My 3g signal is a strong -72 to -78db reading which is on par with my Motorola Droids.


      With the Galaxy S3 though, the Google Play store apps (that are really just shortcuts to the hidden menu brought up by the *#*#4636#*#* keypad entry) don't work as they do with the HTC and Motorola ICS devices. Direct entry of the code fails to work as well.


      So in addition to the bizarre WiFi persistent notification entry and what is the first Samsung device to have a locked bootloader, now we can't even select 3G only in areas where 4G LTE is not present? If someone can verify that their Galaxy S3 wont accept the direct input code listed to allow selection of CDMA(PRL), it would be appreciated.


      This Galaxy S3 was my last gasp at staying with Verizon. Hopefully I just got a bad unit but if VZW has made it impossible to select between 3G and 4G LTE at all, it will be the straw that broke the camels back. Thanks for anyone that may be able to check this and respond.

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          Is there a network mode option in the mobile network area of the settings?

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            No there is not. The only options under the Mobile Networks section to enable packet data, Global Data Roaming Access and Access Point names. Unlike the AT&T version of the S3, our version does not allow for the addition of a new APN nor rhe edit of any existing APN's. That would be an option if we could add or edit an APN but that too has been blocked,

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              Sprint Galaxy S III has a option to disable 4G.


              My galaxy S III is the the international verison which is not 4G/LTE supported.

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                I'm also in a 3G area. I just activated my new S3, and it won't pick up and hold a 3G signal at all. Talked to 2 levels of Verizon support (always nice and polite, but couldn't solve the problem.) -75dB signal strength at my house, shows Verizon Network (not extended) in phone status, but "mobile network" won't connect. The techs were both working with me from GNex emulators (they don't have S3 emulators, ***) and were both surprised when we drilled down into "Wireless and Networks" under settings that there was no network selection option (like there is on the GNex). to force 3G/CDMA. Possible prolem is a bad SIM card, so tomorrow I have to drive 60 miles to the nearest Verizon store to get a new one to try. If that doesn't work, my phone may be DOA, and they'll send me a new one, which probably won't get here until next Friday because they aren't sure if a DOA reship goes to the bottom of the queue.


                And I feel trapped with this phone, because if I don't keep it (or the DOA replacement) and go back to my DroidX, with my next phone I'll lose my unlimited data.  I bought a GNex earlier this year, but returned it because of issues with the radio signal and bluetooth voice dialing. With two problem phones in a row, the only thing keeping me with Verizon is umlimited data, and it looks like I may get ******* on that ... so, hello, AT&T or Sprint.


                UPDATE: Went to the Verizon store and got a new SIM today. They put in the new SIM and activated it in the store (which is also in a 4G area). The phone activated with 4G data, and when I went back home to 3G only service, it connected fine to both voice and 3G data, and has maintained a steady 3G connection all evening. Also, the S3 I brought in for the SIM swap was like a celebrity in the store ... all the sales and tech people came over to look at it, hld it and play with it because they hadn't seen one 'in the flesh' yet - they're not expecting to get their stock until sometime next week. They were all very impressed with the phone, particularly how light and sleek it is, and all commented on how much they liked the 'water drop' noises it makes.

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                  I have the exact same issue with mine.  Good signal, but no mobile network connection...


                  UPDATE: 3G started working!  Signal is good and speed test results are a lot better than my DX was.

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                    Ah, so it sounds like an issue with the phone, and not just that I have a bum sim card or DOA phone. But with no 3G data connection, the phone is useless to me. And for the privilege of finding out that Verizon shipped a defective product that didn't meet it's specs, I'll have to pay $35. And also lose my ability to keep my unlimited data. Great customer service, Verizon. You really know how to nurture brand loyalty.

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                      Just updated my post as you typed your response...  I just left the phone sit for a while with wifi turned off, and if finally connected to 3G and is working great. 

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                        Thanks for the update. In the morning I'll reactivate the S3 and see if it connects. Hopefully it will work.

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