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    Activate SIM card first


      As an FYI, you need to activate your SIM card before activating your Galaxy S3.  This is different than the included instructions state.  The instructions state to activate the SIM card if you only received one with your order.  I was told that if you buy a phone from a verizon store that they automatically add the SIM card.

      I tried activating my phone 3 times before calling customer service and letting them walk me through the process.

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          That is because all the information concerning your phone and your account is placed on the SIM card. Your telephone number, your account number, your plan, etc. Once this is activated, then you have to activate the phone choosing an Email account, making a password, etc. I think your key words were "activate the SIM card if you only received one with your order." As you stated, all SIM operated Verizon phones comes with a SIM card already installed. If your phone does not have a SIM card, you should request one from Verizon and should get one at no cost,