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    Verizon G'ZOne Commando Problems


      I have a Casio C771 G'Zone Commando, and it is actually a replacement phone since the gyro in my first one froze up.  Verizon replaced it under warranty but the replacement phone has issues.  It often reboots itself, freezes, locks up, stops responding etc.   Has anyone else had these issues?  Seems to get worse as time goes on and since it my original warranty was on the first phone, no one wants to fix this one.   I can be typing the app will minimize, I can try to slide to unlock and it just doesn't not sense any screen in put.  I can click an icon to open an app and it just sits there for several minutes then reboots.   It's not out of memory and it appears to have gotten worse after the last update.  HELP.... before I have to go get an iphone!

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          This is exactly what happened with my husband's Commando.  His is also a replacement and he's having the same issues.  The internet connection is so slow he can't even use it and it has all of the same issues you mentioned - locking up, reboots or shuts down, can't use touch screen... I don't know what the problem is, but we're both really unhappy.  I'm having trouble with my Incredible 2 also - it constantly reboots itself and on a few occasions, has locked up completely and I've had to remove the battery and then put it back in for it to reboot.  Not sure what's happening, but Verizon is on the verge of losing 2 more long time customers.

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            try to do a factory reset. your issues are common with android


            your warranty should be good for one year from when you bought your first phone or 90 days after the replacement phone which ever is greater

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              HAHA losing customers


              where ever you go dont buy android, since it has zero to do with verizon


              do you have advance task killer or lookout? remove those, factory reset + format sd card, problem solved everytime

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                I have done the factory reset.  The problem is that Verizon won't commit enough resources to fully test each Android release for each phone, especially the Commando.  They released the phone over a year ago and are just now starting to market it.   Most of the problems started after the latest software release or two which VERIZON approves and pushes out... so it is Verizon's fault and responsibility.

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                  Is anyone else having these problems?  I am still debating giving up on Android after the way this particular version on this particular handset works.   I don't want to be a iPhone Fanboi, but if it works, then it is way ahead of this ****** Android Commando.   I love the phone and as it was designed to work.  It just won't work.  Making phone calls can take minutes.  Phone reboots often.  It's almost unusable...  Stuck in contract with a phone with no support.  Not eligible for an upgrade to a better phone until January.   Guess a GALAZY 3 S or an Iphone 5 is on my future...




                  DO NOT GET AN COMMANDO PHONE ON VERIZON (ONLY CARRIER IT IS AVAILABLE ON)....  Hate to say it but you will be better off!!!

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                    Make sure you dont have it loaded down with apps that are sucking operating ram. And any apps you download make sure to move to your memory card so they arent wasting onboard resources. I can only have a handful of downloaded apps at one time. ALSO, uninstall any 'updates' to any bloatware apps you dont use. You can't transfer those to your sd card like regular downloaded apps and each update sucks more onboard ram. Also remember to disable automatic updating on the Play Store for any apps you dont use. Thirdly, the ONLY antivirus or system tool app I use on my commando is AVAST. Every other one i have tried drags the system down way too much. The name of the game with the commando is MEMORY SPACE. The phone is an awesome handset, and even with its problems I wouldnt ultimately give it up very easily. I mean, what other smart phone on the market lets you take pictures under water?

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                      Oh it is stripped down to bare minimums of apps (I have FB, Instagram, Twitter, but no games, no extras, etc.)


                      I have had auto update apps removed since day one.  My first commando worked, the refurb they sent me when the gyro went out in the first phone does NOT work.  I constantly have to turn off apps and close apps to save memory.  I move everything i can to the SD card.  I have a coworker who is a former Verizon employee and he recommended this phone to me.  Now he can't get it to act right either and Verizon will not take ownership of the refurb being bad or the software being ******.   So I am stuck until January when I qualify for another upgrade, but then they will take away my unlimited data on a new contract.  So I am ******* either way.  

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                        The Commando seems to be Casio's first venture into the world of Smart Phones, but holds very true to the Casio ruggedness. My Commando was also a replacement phone. (Wow, were there issues when I tried to keep my unlimited data from the feature phone they replaced to a smart phone!) The simple fact is that the Commando has very little system resources. I often tell my friends that my phone can endure a flush down the toilet, but I better not try to do more than one thing at a time on it! If Verizon would consider the Commando a feature phone because of how powerless it actually is, even though it has an Android system, they would do so much better with customer satisfaction. Even so, I use, and even rely on, the ruggedness of the phone, and am satisfied (enough) that I'll keep it until there's a better rugged smartphone.

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                          I have the new 4G Commando now. Much better!! It still has it's issues, but at least I can run more than one program at a time without having the phone freeze and reset on me.