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    Getting a syncservice Error message.


      Everytime i boot up my phone i get the following error message.


      The application SyncMLSvc(process com.samsung.syncservice) has stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again


      Tried restarting the device, replacing the SD card but same message keeps coming up!


      Its on a Samsung Stratosphere

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          NickM219, I can only imagine how inconvenient this can be and I want to help get resolved.

          It seems the error message you are seeing is from an application on your phone. You can confirm it by running your phone in safe mode http://bit.ly/rMd6fZ. If you stop getting the error message while in safe mode then the issue is a 3rd party app.

          You would then need to remove all 3rd party apps and reinstall them one at a time to find the one causing the issue.

          You can also try clearing the application cache http://bit.ly/M9DdIV.

          Please post back if you are still seeing the error message while in safe mode and clearing the application cache.

          John B

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            I also have a Samsung Stratosphere and am having this exact same problem.  It is extremely annoying.  I have tried completely restting my phone back to factory defaults, formatting the SD card and installing minimal apps.  Whenever this message appears (first time I unlock the phone after a reboot) this seems to lead to a series of problems:


            SNS services starts restarting

            eventually Android Core apps will start restarting


            This drains the battery very quickly and leads to some other wierdness on the phone.


            The Strat has not received any sort of patches since it was released.  I think there is some system problem that is causing these, and we can only hope Verizon and Samsung have not forgot about this phone and look into this problem.


            VZW support - if there is anything I can try to correct this problem please let me know.  My best guess is there is some incompatability between the SNS facebook sync and the newer facebook app.  From what I can tell this problem starts once I install Facebook.



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              I too am having the same message after rebooting. It also seems to be randomly shutting my phone down.

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                I am so glad to have found this post. I have been having the same problem with my stratosphere. Its driving me nuts. I brought it back to the kiosk I bought it from and they just looked at me like they had no clue what I was talking about. First it got blamed on a 3rd party app. Then when they went through my phone and saw the apps I had they said that I didn't have anything suspicious at all. WHICH I DONT! I then uninstalled EVERYTHING that I have on my phone. I have no bells and whistles that I can actually use. Now I am told that it must be a system bug that will be worked on. Well in the mean time I am having a phone that has no battery life practically at all, I can barely use it, it turns itself off constantly so no good to remind me of important reminders, missing calls, missing alarms, no features that are useful at all. To top that off from the same time frame it starting randomly shutting down in the middle of taking a picture. So there goes depending on my phone to take pics real quick. I have been so frustrated with this and was told to "wait it out". That a update would be around "soon". Now here is the real kicker. Whats the chance that its an app that we have downloaded and it just happens to be all of us that downloaded the same app. I mean I took off everything down to the basic features. It would be so great if someone would help us.

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                  Really Tech Support? Is that where it ends. Someone comes back to the discussion and details the problem and all we get is silence? My wife and I have both had our phones (Stratospheres) replaced and more recently the batteries under warranty for something some software writers could fix if they had a mind to. Sure makes bouncing to a new carrier and anything but another Samsung look better and better at the end of this contract.

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    J.Cody, I know it must be frustrating to have this error appear on your replacement phone as well. Please try clearing cache from Sync ML Service by going to Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, All, Sync ML Service, Force Stop, Clear data/cache. Reboot your phone. If the error is still coming back, I'll need a little more info. Is this appearing only when the device turns on or when using specific applications? Did you notice this error as soon as you activated the replacement? On the original device did it start right away?

                    Let us know if those steps help.

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                      I've been getting this same error. I went into my local branch and I was told immediately that it was an app I had installed. However, prior to going into the branch, I reset my phone and still got the error message before any of my apps were re-installed on it. It only happens when the device has been turned off for a period of time and turned back on as well as just simply doing a restart. My phone is a replacement and the error message has been appeared immediately since I received my latest replacement 10 days ago. No matter what I do the error message is there. So obviously it's not from an app I have downloaded on my phone.


                      Frustrated and Annoyed!!

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                        Update from my post on July 27th @ 2:04am:


                        After doing factory reset on my phone 3 times, the 2nd time being reset by an associate at my local branch, all  in the past 36 hours the error message disappeared finally. So I decided to reinstall the apps I use on a daily basis, but instead of doing it all at once I decided to do it one app at a time followed by a restart to see if the error message would return. After all the apps were reinstalled, the error message didn't return. I also was able to use my phone and leave it disconnected from the charger for 15 hours compared to 48 hours ago it would only hold its charge for a maximum of 4 hours. Prior to being able to connect it to a charger, the battery died so when I connected it and rebooted the phone the error message appeared.


                        The associate at my branch said it was an app I had installed on my phone that was crashing, but all the apps I use are considered editor's choice. Also this is my 4th replacement phone, but the 1st time I have ever had this error message pop up which makes me think this isn't a problem caused by a 3rd party app developer but a software issue on the phone itself that is causing this error message to occur on "our" phones.