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    Backup Assistant error


      Backup Assistant reports an error during the daily update.  Data base error (10).  Any suggestions? 

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          PatrickM, I can certainly give some suggestions, but I'll need a few more details. What device do you have? Do you receive this error message everyday? Verify that you can view all of your contacts by logging into your My Verizon account.

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            Thank you for contacting me.  I have a LG Revolution, model VS9104G, running Android ver 2.3.6 and Verizon VS910ZV9.  I have the Backup Assistant (BA) scheduled to backup each day during the evening.   Each day I get an error msg (10) database error.  At times, throughout the day, I will  get a notification of the BA failure with the error code 10. 

            I checked online for my contact address book and they all seem to be there.....last backed up in April????

            It was suggested to delete the app and reload it, but BA came with the phone and I can't delete it.  Any suggestions?