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    MiFi 4510 won't connect to network


      Just got my 4510 as a replacement for a working MiFi that I left behind in some airport lounge.  I really need to tie a string around the device and attach it to my wrist but that's a different problem for a different forum.


      This new device simply won't connect to the network.  I've tried resetting the device and upgrading code to no avail.  Any ideas?  The following is the error log and device info.


      System Log> HTML Version 27.

      06/28/12 10:35:29am> Current Time

      06/28/12 10:35:17am> HDR/EvDO Connection Failed

      06/28/12 10:33:49am> First opening Index.html

      06/28/12 10:32:13am> NWPM_EVENT_SIM_READY

      06/28/12 10:31:53am> Start AP with battery

      06/28/12 10:31:53am> NWPM_EVENT_MODE_ONLINE


      MiFi® DeviceModem
      ManufacturerNovatel WirelessMEID:<deleted>
      ModelMiFi 4510LPhone No.(MDN)0000000000
      Serial No.<deleted>Home SID2004
      Router FW Version02.01Modem FW Version2.28.02
      AP FW Version2.10- Version4
      ICCID<deleted>PRL Version15003
      SIM StatusSIM Ready



      <MEID, IMEI and other personal information removed for privacy per the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service.>


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          John Getzke

          Your assumptions are correct.  The log confirms that your new MiFi is not connecting to the network. 


          Normally I would suggest updating the firmware but it seems like your already up to date.  The next best thing would normally be resetting the device to the defaults with the reset button under the back cover.  SIM card appears to be reading successfully too so we can rule out asking for a replacement SIM for now.


          I'd bet there is a connection problem somewhere with your local towers.  They must not be letting your device through to VZW to establish a connection.  Perhaps you could try switching your connection modes from 3G/4G to 3G only or visa versa. 


          Use 3G only

          1. Power on the MiFi
          2. Connect to the MiFi
          3. Navigate to http://mifi.admin
          4. Sign into the MiFi
          5. Click the WWAN tab
          6. Click the More link at the bottom of the page
          7. Change the WWAN Preferred Mode from Global to CDMA Auto
          8. Click Apply
          9. Test your connection


          If the local towers are to blame then traveling to a different area should allow you to temporarily connect.  You would have to let VZW know that your local towers are malfunctioning so they can send a field rep to repair it for you.  VZW tech support might be a good place to start on this one to see what they can discover.

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            Thanks John.  Traveled to a new location about 60 miles from my home and no luck also tried 3G only as you described above but no luck with that either so at this point I have to suspect the device.  Willing to try other suggestions but will likely call this one in to get the MiFi replaced.


            Make sense?

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              John Getzke

              Yup, I believe we are on the same page.


              There must be something defective with the antenna/radio of your current device.  Either that or something was corrupted during the firmware update that is rejecting your connection requests from the VZW network.


              Your field test should be all the confirmation that we need to proove there is not a temporary issue with the local towers.  A MiFi should be able to connect in a different area if it were working properly.  I think it will be more worth your time to pursue replacement options than anything else at this point.


              The only other thing that VZW might ask you to do is reset the defaults again just to be safe.  If you would like to try in advance here are the steps.


              Level 3 Reset

              1. Power on the MiFi
              2. Remove the back cover
              3. Press and hold the Reset button next to the battery for 10 + seconds
                a. Paper clip seems to work best for pressing the reset button
                b. Watch the MiFi E-Ink display to see if all the icons are displayed
              4. Release the Reset button
              5. Reassemble the MiFi
              6. Test your connection
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                Thanks a bunch, John.  I tried the reset steps above and still no luck.  I'll get the device replaced right after the parade, picnic, fireworks...  Happy fourth!