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    verizon customer service contact numbers?


      does verivon have a retention number or some form a higher customer service number i can call. I was talking to a rep after a complaint i filed and he offered me a deal, he was supposed to call back yesterday and never did. When i called the standard customer support number they wouldn't help out at all and said there was nothing they could do. when i asked to speak to a supervisor they told me non were available.

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          I have had the pleasure of getting the none available answer. Maybe just me but I found it a little insulting. I was allowed to leave my number for one to call me back. Unfortunately it was 3 years ago but I'm optomistic.

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            So let me get this straight. You filed a complaint and were offered a "deal", but the deal was not good enough for you to accept on that call. Now that rep hasnt called you back, and now you want this "deal", and want to know how to get back in touch. Sorry, pal. There is no "retention or higher customer service number" that you can call. Its regular customer service, *611 from your cell, or 800-922-0204 from yor cell or landline. If that rep didnt note your account, unfortunately you probably are out of luck. Best wishes with that!

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              no that is incorrect. he offered me a deal and i accepted the deal. i just told him i had to wait till i get paid in a few days to take it. the deal was he was giving one of my lines a early upgrade so i could get new phones for all my lines before the new rates go in effect. im going to be spending 800 in phones so i had to wait a few days. He then told me he would call on tuesday and put the order in. got no call on tuesday though

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                The only difference in "rates" tomorrow will be that you'll lose unlimited data(assuming you had it) if you upgrade. Nothing else changes unless you choose to change to the new plans.