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    Traveling to Europe


      Headed on a trip to France, Denmark, Sweden. Have Android. Want to know whether my Verizon phone, texting, email account and internet access will be functional. How do I find out? And what are my options if they are not functional?

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          Which phone?


          Turn on airplane mode.  Turn on wifi when in range of a wifi hotspot.

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              Just a note that if you put it in airplane mode, you will not receive calls and texts. An alternative is to turn off only your data connection in Settings. Then use Wi-Fi when in a hotspot.


              Depending on which phone you have, you may or may not have calling/texting service. France, Denmark and Sweden use GSM technology, so you would need a global Verizon phone, since Verizon uses CDMA technology.

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                Ok. Thanks.


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                  We just returned from Europe....London and France.  I called Verizon Global Services and they were very informative and easy to work with.  If your current phone is global ready for those countries (they will be able to tell you once you let them know exactly where you will be traveling), all you need is to add a global plan. If your current phone will not work then you have the option to rent a phone.  I was eligable for an upgrade on one of our lines so I did that with a free global ready phone (Pantech Jest 2) and then I still have the option to return to my original phone. Everything was at very reasonable prices and I didn't have any troubles while traveling.

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                    Thank you.


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