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    The Unlimited Plan-Samsung Galaxy s3 Debate


      Right now, the Verizon vote is 11 reps/supervisors who believe that if you preorder the Galaxy s3 before June 28th you keep the unlimited data and 7 reps/supervisors that believe you don't. I was debating making my decision on what to do when I go to 20, but if it ends 11-9 I'm stumped.  All methods of communication (online/phone/in store) are split on what you believe and it depends on who you talk to.


      This is one sample of the online yes votes (I was on the phone with a lady telling me the exact opposite at the time):

        Ashley: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?

        You: Will a person be able to keep their unlimted plan if they preorder the galaxy s3?

        You: And is there anywhere it is written down to show that is correct?

        Ashley: Right now you will be able to keep your unlimited data, after June 28,2012 you will have to pay full retail price for the device if you would like to keep the unlimited plan.

        You: I'm on the phone with someone who is telling me the opposite

        You: She says it must be ordered AND activiated before the 28th

        Ashley: Let me check on that for you.

        Ashley: Would you like a link to view this information.

        You: Yes, please

        You: Because the phone person is telling me you are definitely wrong

        You: But the person I just chatted with agrees completely

        You: with you

        Ashley: I assure you as long as it is order before you can keep your plan.

        Ashley: Does that help explain this issue?

        You: Whta was the link?

        Ashley: Click Here

        You: That's just the share everything page though.

        Ashley: Scroll down to tell me more.

        Ashley: Click on I have a unlimited data plan on my account. Do I need to change it?

        You: Yeah, but that doesn't have any info specific to the preorder

        You: I know if I buy a phone instore today, I'm fine

        You: But if I buy the preorder, I can't activiate until after the 28th

        Ashley: Your can preorder and activate the phone before the 28th and if you would like you can change your plan at anytime free of charge.

        Ashley: Is there anything I can assist you with today?

        You: how can you activiate the phone before the 28th if it doesn't ship until July 11th?

        Ashley: Do you want to stay with your unlimited plan?

        You: Yes

        Ashley: Ok you will be able to keep your unlimited plan once you preorder the phone now and just pay the upgrade fee.

      Here is a no vote example (mind you today I just got a "note in my account" that this was allowed and everyone should be on board):

      Larena: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?

        You: Are there any Verizon wireless statements about the new Samsung Galaxy s3 preorders?

        Larena: I'd be happy to assist you.

        Larena: What would you like to know about it?

        You: Basically, if you pay the discount price and upgrade, would you keep your old plan or will you be switched to the share everything plan since the phone will be activiated in July

        Larena: You would switch to the new plan.

        You: Interesting

        You: Why?

        Larena: Because you would activate it after the new plan starts.

        You: Where did you learn this information?

        Larena: You would need to call customer service at 1-800-922-0204 the hours are 6am to 11pm, they are still putting all the information on the site about the new plan.

        Larena: I do apologize.

        You: It's okay

        You: They were the ones who just called me and told me that no, I would not have to switch

        Larena: Is there anything else i can assist you with?

        You: He said he spoke to the training director who handles all of it, but I thought he might be lying.

        Larena: Ok.

        You: I wanted to see if the online people had a better source or realer source of info

        Larena: If you upgrade to a different phone before the 28th you can keep the plan you have.

        Larena: I can send you a link to the page on the site to the share everything plan.

        You: It's okay, I've seen it.  It doesn't have anything about what happens to preorders

        Larena: It has a few FAQ on it.

        Larena: Oh ok.

        You: You wouldn't happen to know any better numbers to call than the customer care line would you?

        Larena: That is the only number i have for customer care i have a telesales number.

        You: Is that the regular just verizon sales number?

        Larena: Yes.

        You: Nevermind.

        Larena: I do apologize.

        You: It's okay

        You: Where did you learn about having to change plans?

        Larena: I was told by my supervisor.


      I'm just kind of stuck because I don't want to spend 450 to get two new phones only to be told "sorry someone told you this but we don't even have unlimited plans in our system" or "they must have thought you meant paying full price".  They put a note in the account that it was the yes vote but I'm still getting just as many no votes today warning me I'm definitely losing my unlimited if I preorder that phone.  Problem is at most the replies I get are "we assure that is correct" but with no backing information other than my supervisor says so.    

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          My opinion only, but you will definitely not get to keep your unlimited data with the pre-order phone.


          My reasoning? You are not actually purchasing the phone prior to 6/28. Verizon will not take your money prior to the phone shipping. If Verizon took your money prior to 6/28, then maybe you would have a case, but you do not actually extend your contract and accept the terms until you activate the phone, so again you would be out of luck.

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            This has been discussed a million time and the reps here have confirmed it.  When you pre-order, you're agreeing to the terms and conditions at that time.  There's even a little check box you have to hit to accept them.

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              And unless I'm mistaken, Verizon forcing you over to the Share Everything plan because of your GS3, pre-ordered BEFORE June 28th would be a contract violation on their part.

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hey community:

                Please spread this around wherever you can to alleviate any miscommunication. Here is the official information that has been confirmed multiple times. I feel confident putting this information out there because it has been confirmed through leadership:

                If you have unlimited data now and you pre-order before 6/28, you WILL retain your unlimited data. Here's why- During the ordering process, you choose features that will be activated. Those features are based on the current offerings prior to 6/28. Simply said, when you get your Samsung Galaxy S III, it will activate with the features that were chosen during the pre-order process.

                Now if you process your pre-order on or after 6/28, your options will be limited to our current offers, and if you have an unlimited data package, you will need to choose a 2GB, 4GB, etc. data package. You do not necessarily need to choose the new Share Everything plan, but you will need to migrate away from unlimited data. This is unless you pay retail price for the device and do not enter in another contract with Verizon Wireless.

                I certainly hope this clarifies things.


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                  Hey Mike,


                  Thanks for the Official reply.  It's good to have something official to carry in hand during this process.


                  NEXT QUESTION:

                       Why is there a difference in upgrading early to the Galaxy S3 (i.e. the "Iconic Pre-order")?  For example, i have a line with upgrade date 08/01/12...yet we have a "$100 off early Upgrade to 4g".  I've been told this doesn't work on the Galaxy S3 an upgrade, yet i could upgrade to any other phone currently.  To me this is unacceptable.


                  LAST QUESTION:

                       I've been instructed by a Verizon Rep that the only way to complete this is to perform an upgrade on the 28th for $100 off any 4g phone (let's say RAZR), renew the unlimited data, and then return the phone within the 14 day period for the SGS3 (but ya'll keep pushing back the release date, which is making me nervous).  Will the system allow for switching out phones via your Return Policy after 06/28 while retaining the Unlimited data?  If not it means anyone who upgrades their phones with unlimited data will not have a standard 14 day return policy.


                  Clarification would be great as there is no official word on this anywhere on the internet.


                  Thanks and Best Regards,


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                    So, in other words, its unacceptable for you not to be able to get the phone with the 100 credit, and you are asking for ways to work around the system to GET the phone you want. And you expect a reply from Verizon on this? <Comment deleted per the TOS.>


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                      Verizon hasn't released a new phone in 7 months, this topic has never come up before.  Forget the $100, you can't perform an early upgrade at all to get a SGS3 and i'd like to express that i feel this is not acceptable.


                      On the second point, these aren't work-arounds.  It is well within a customer's right and Verizon's return policy to switch phones out within 14 days. We are currently in uncharted territory with the 06/28 switch-off of Unlimited data, and it is important information to know if a return within this 14 day period will nullify the unlimited data.  This is currently unclear and it is imperative to know prior to the change because it will be Ipso Facto at that point.

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                        <Post deleted>


                        <Please keep your posts courteous.>


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                          I actually have the same question. I would think that if it's a 4G LTE device there would be no problem at all. However, I was thinking of switching to an iPhone (which still uses 3G), but I don't know if I will like it.  In the event I want to swap back to android, will I retain my unlimited if I'm switching from 3G to 4G within that return period.

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