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    Transferring upgrade to keep unlimited data plan


      I've recently upgraded my phone line with the Droid Bionic and not really in need of a new phone, but I currently have an upgrade available under my phone line.  I don't want to lose my unlimited data plan, nor do I need a new phone at the time. 


      So hypothetically, if come November 2012 and the Iphone 5 is out, and my sister was interested in buying the phone.  Would I be able to transfer my upgrade from my line with the unlimited data to her line within our family plan, to allow her to use my upgrade to purchase the Iphone 5, while still letting me keep my unlimited data plan?  I've been getting different answers from the online help chat and the sales people at the corporate stores, so I wanted to make sure I got this correct, and 6/28 is coming up soon. 

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi dwtran:

          I have a solid answer with you that I've verified. The line that is entering the new contract term (the one eligible for an upgrade) is the one that will be required to move to current pricing options if it chooses to upgrade. The line that you will be activating it on (the line "borrowing" the upgrade) will not be entering into a new contract so they will be allowed to retain the unlimited data plan. It's like doing an ESN change on the line that isn't eligible. In summary, both lines won't be required to move off of unlimited data; only the one entering in the new contract.

          I hope that answers your question.


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            My droid broke. I called to replace it. I was offered and "upgrade" to a similar phone and another 2 years. NO MENTION OF MY PLAN CHANGING. NOTHING in writing notifing me of this. No other options offered.  The only way I discovered it was by reading the features section of my receipt. I am sorry if I don't track verizon's every move in the media but I have a life.


            I have not been offered anything for being deceived.


            I have been cheated and will tell all. I am shopping for other providers within my 14 day grace period.

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              Yes, I was grandfathered in for 2 phones but now that I am ready to upgrade they say I am no longer grandfathered in... A 10 plus year, 200.00 a month customer is lost forever for them... Sad really just over a little more data usage they will slime their name... I was even told by one of the guys tonite I just want free stuff... How pathetic is that to expect a promise to be a promise from a huge company only to be told they are going back on their word, only to be told I AM SELFISH LOL... i will be writing to the upper level executives of this company.

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                That IS selfish actually.  They will not be making an exception or changing policies company wide over your measly $200.  When i worked for at&t even then that was chump change.  Policy is policy, and every corporate decision is created with customer loss in mind no profit will be lost that will be large enough to see, welcome to corporate America.  Go ahead and write though, when you get the pre written form letter maybe you will feel better.