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    Youtube keeps requiring CAPTCHA's


      I suddenly started to get CAPCHA's when clicking on the Youtube icon or going to Youtube through the browser. Pulled the battery, deleted the Youtube app, deleted the google app, and still getting hit up for CAPTCHA's when going to Youtube via the browser.


      Any suggestions on how to stop this CAPTCHA business?

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          Not sure why you are getting hit with those little things.  Have you tried loading another browser, such as Opera, and seeing if you still get the prompt by the Captchas?  Let us know what happens.



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            Yes, that worked. Using another browser (Opera) let's me get into Youtube without those annoying and impossible to read CAPTCHA's.


            Just a guess here, but it appears that my Blackberry browser is corrupted and the way to solve this is to delete/re-install the Blackberry browser. I noticed however, that the PC Blackberry software has the browser application greyed out so it won't allow its deletion.


            I did a little research and I found something about deleting/re-installing the "service book". I did not do that yet. Nor have I done a factory reset on the phone. Any suggestions how to proceed from here? By the way, I have Blackberry OS V6.0. Much obliged on the Opera suggestion.