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    Changing LAN IP address on MiFi 890L



      I make my living setting up networks so I'm not a newbee.


      All I want to do is change the IP address of my LAN, not the WAN I don't want a static IP.


      I get an ***** message that says your address needs to be, that's the whole problem.  I need to change the 3 octet so it doesn't conflict with a remote VPN network.


      Is there anyone out there that has a hack / workaround for this besides buying a wireless extender and making another route?


      Thank you

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          John Getzke



          To change the local IP Address

          1. Navigate to the default gateway ( in a web browser

          2. Sign in with the credentials posted to the back ot the device

          3. Navigate to Router > LAN

          4. Change the IP Address field to whatever you like

          5. Click Apply


          For more info see page 21 of the MiFi 890L User Guide:



          Let us know if you need more help.

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            Thanks John,


            I tried that, a dialog box appears and says please enter in an address that looks like 192.168.1.x.


            What I can only assume is from a support perspective they don't want users to mess with it, but it's really messing me up!


            I tried to download the config file and see about modifying it but they have encrypted it since people were getting away with hacks etc on it.


            I didn't fatfinger anything, I've got a strong grasp on IP'ing devices.


            I have tried every way possible way to get it changed but it will not let me.


            I wouldn't mind doing a firmware update or rev back two or 3 to get it to work but I don't really want to brick the thing since my customer is out of state.


            Any other ideas?


            Thanks you

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              John Getzke

              Thats a little disturbing.  I haven't had a chance to get my hands on this MiFi model yet but there has to be a way to perform such a simple configuration.  Wish I could be of more assistance.


              Perhaps you need to modify both the IP address and the DHCP pool at the same time?  You most likely have already tried messing with all the settings in the Router > LAN area.


              Something isnt right here.  Try contacting VZW support over the 1-800 and see if you can get an official answer for them.

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                I, too, am trying the same thing to change the IP address with the same results.  Please post if you find the answer.

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                  I called Verizon and ZTE (the manufacturer) and confirmed that the LAN IP address can only be 192.168.1.x, even though Verizon's screenshots clearly show them changing it to something else (http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=50182).


                  DO NOT BUY this if you are planning to use it for VPN connectivity. It is completely useless when stuck on the default subnet!

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                    Just bought one of these last week and, just like all of you, immediately discovered this crippling limitation. I have a few more days before I can return it without a penalty. But before I do I am going to see if I can hack the config. I have found the .js file buried within the device and found what I think is the code that, inexplicably, limits the IP range to Class C.od


                    I don't think I can SSH or telnet into this thing, so the best hope is working with the config file. The file is not encrypted, it's "obfuscated" (a find-replace method of making source code harder to casually read). There's probably a regex somewhere that's the rosetta stone...still looking.


                    If I can't figure it out in the next few days, Verizon will be taking it back.

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                      I use the 4620 with VPN, but I guess I'm lucky enough to work for a company that isn't going to make their employees have to change their router settings, and instead they're using an IP range that is not used by the majority of routers. Really though, it makes more sense for the company to change their end than to make their employees all change theirs, especially when some of those employees may not be technically inclined enough to be comfortable doing that.


                      That being said, I decided to try and was able to change the IP and DHCP from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.2.x, but when I got the 4620 it seemed to be the better option over the cheaper 890 for a few reasons (one of my reasons was the antenna jack). So, if you're still within your time or can find a used one, go with the 4620.

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                        Here's a PowerShel script you can use to de-suckify your config file, turning it back into plain ol' xml: http://www.unletteredandordinary.com/2012/08/the-verizon-4g-890l-jetpack-reading.html


                        I make no promises, but by decoding the config file, changing the xml, re-encoding it, and uploading back to the device you *might* be able to get around this limitation.