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    Droid Bionic 4g Problems


      For about three weeks i've been having problems with my 4g service on my Droid Bionic. It was working perfectly fine for the past six months. Its becoming very irritating cause it knocks me off of everything. The 4g bar will go white on and off. Even when it turns back blue I still have problems. My phone currently updated to a 905 system but still same problems. I live in the Detroit/Southfield MI area. The problem is anywhere I go. Everytime I google this problem I see its going on everywhere but no solutions. It works great when i'm hooked up to wifi. I'm tired of going through this! HELP PLEASE!!!

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          Power off your phone, remove your battery, & pull your SIM card out and re-insert it. Give that a shot. I have been experiencing the same issues and so far this method has been a solution. (Please remember I said "so far".)

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            I have tried this method and it worked for about 2 days, now the data connectivity problems are back again. I've also tried the factory reset, .905 update, you name it, data just is not staying consistent on this phone. I came over here to see if VZW had any advice or even showed any concern about these problems, but, alas, it appears not.

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              I have had the same problem for a few weeks now. I have tried cycling with airplane mode, I've tried taking out the battery, new sim card, wiped phone, replacement phone and nothing fixed the problem. I heard a rumor that there is suppose to be an update coming out tomorrow to fix the problem. I called verizon and the problem got submitted to the network guys. I am suppose to hear back from them by the end of the week

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                After the update I'm seeing my battery die in 3 - 4 hours where I was getting 8 - 10 before. After reading this post it occurred to me that maybe the battery drain is caused by signal issues and now I see that might be the case. I'm not getting 4G at all anymore. Granted, where I live our 4G has never been strong but the Bionic has been routinely worse than my Verizon MiFi device. So, it could be I'm having signal issues which has the side effect of killing my battery.


                Not happy with this situation...

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                  Same issue in NC... called tech support. They said it's not a known issue!?! Apparently they don't look at their own discussion boards for the multiple reports. Bottom line is they're sending a new phone and sim card. But it's a bug in the phone, so I'm sure the new one will have the same issue! But I figured ill go with it and say I gave it a shot. If not I'll call them back and see what they can do to resolve it. I've been with Verizon for 14 years, surely they'll be willing to do something more than send a third buggy bionic

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                    Having same problem in Portland, Oregon.  Did all the supplied techniques and still nothing.  Verizon where are you?    

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                      Also having the same problem here in the LA area. I tried powering off the phone, removing the battery and sim card and powering back on. No difference. I called tech support went through their standard troubleshooting measures but no effect. This has been happening the past several weeks and I have to manually switch to 3G to have a reliable internet connection. Not sure if the Moto Bionic has a problem connecting to 4G, but I had this phone since March and this problem happen gradually.


                      I asked other people who have other phones and they seems to be okay having a stable 4G connection. There was an update that pushed out a week ago and it seemed it had no impact. Not sure if only the Bionic is culprit or the network. 

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                        Tried all the methods mentioned above but to no avail.  For my bionic the issue really began after the last OTA update (.905).  If I switch to 3G (CDMA), the data connection is stable so it seems to be a 4G radio/connection issue with this phone.  Data is dropped regularly (every 10 minutes or so) on 4G and it's FRUSTRATING!  I live in Mid Wilshire area of Los Angeles two blocks from a cell tower.

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                          Same issue in Atlanta GA. This is not specific to Droid Bionic, it is literally any phone that uses a sim card. I am using a Galaxy Nexus with same behavior. I am literally looking out my office window at the cell antennas across the street as the signal goes from full bars 4G to white to zippo. A minute later it will come back. Some times it can happen every few minutes, other times it will go for hours without a problem.

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