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    VZWNMN:1 Messages


      I keep getting a text message from a 625-0 number that says "VZWNMN:1." These text messages are coming constantly and I don't know what they mean or how to stop them. HELP!!

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          It is a part of Backup Assistance Plus. You need to unsubscribe from something there. A search of the community will locate similar threads with possible solutions.


          Search is your friend here.

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            I have had the same issue. I got my phone Thursday, June 14 and immediately started getting these texts, except the last number constantly changes. Friday I went to the store and they had never seen this issue. I had to call tech support and they said it was the back up assistance. That was removed from my account, and I was told it should stop within 24 hours. Needless to say it didn't. Yesterday (Tuesday, June 12) I called tech support again and they said the backup assistance must have not been properly removed and attempted to have me do this again. The guy was very rude and ended up just putting a ticket in for me so that Verizon could do this instead of me. Basically it comes down to that it was removed properly (considering Friday the tech guy actually logged into my account himself and removed it). I have been still getting these texts and decided to research it myself. I found someone else who had the same issue, after removing back up assistance still getting the texts. They removed any out e-mail accounts that were on the phone besides the one google account. I did this about an hour ago and have yet to receive anymore texts. Which is good because I was up to receiving 5+ an hour. I am hoping this works for me, although I'm upset that I won't be able to keep my work e-mail on my phone. I hope that this glitch is fixed soon.

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              nevermind, that didn't work either! My husband got his Iphone 4s back in October and never had an issue! Of course I would be the one ending up with any issues.

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                Agreed. There are many threads. Here's a solution which has worked for at least the last few hours.


                1. I went to VZW online and deleted the free service "Backup Assistant Plus". Go to My Verizon -> Change Features and turn off Cloud Storage - Sync (Email).

                2. As a consequence my Yahoo email account stopped working and I was asked to add it again. When I tried to do this, I got "Invalid credentials" error.

                3. I added the acount not as "Yahoo" but as "Other". Now it's working.


                So far I've not received any of the dreaded text messages, but the removal of "Backup Assistant Plus" may take 24 hours, or so, so I'll not be "certain" until tomorrow.