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      I just found out that the ONLY way to stop getting annoying vtext.com messages from ONE particular number is to change my number! They have blocked the number and yet they keep coming through! When my contract is up, I'm going to have leave verizon. I don't know any other carrier that has this problem, I could be wrong , but I'm fed up! I don't know who this person is, probably some hacker. SMH

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            OP is talking about the very obnoxious text messages received from random @vtext.com addresses, that are unsolicited and usually make no sense (i.e. tend to be messages one might see in the middle of a text conversation). I have this issue as well, but not as much recently. I believe there is an anti-spam option one can enable through MyVerizon account settings that cleared it up for me.

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              I actually tried the anti spam options and called the support number 2x and asked them to block the number and the messages keep coming. That's what really makes me angry, is that they can't do a simple thing as blocking one number. Thanks for the reply. :-)

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                I apologize for the inconvenience of those messages! I certainly don't want to see you leave over this. In the future, on the vtext.com website when you login, there is a 'Preferences' option along the red toolbar to the left that allows you to block all website and email based messages. You can also block up to 10 specific vtext.com addresses on that page. I hope that helps.

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                  Thanks for your response, but I've already tried the Preferences option and called customer service 2x to have them block the number, but I STILL get messages. I was told I would have to change my phone number to have it stop. Needless to say I really don't want to do that. I have one year left on my contract, but if I can find another option I will break it and go somewhere else.


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