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    Home Phone Connect problem


      We have been using Verizon's Home Phone Connect for a couple of months now and we have had a problem since day one. We have talked to tech support twice and they confirmed the problem and said they would put in a trouble ticket and have a tier-2 tech call us back. We have never gotten a call back so I thought I would try here.


      When someone calls us the caller hears 3 rings before our house phone rings once. Since we answer on the second or third ring that means the caller hears 5 or 6 rings before we answer. Most callers hang up before we get to the phone.


      Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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          I am having similar issues. Could not get help from Verizon. Sometimes when I make a call and the other party answers, the phone disconnects. Have to keep calling until it works. When I call home, the phone rings several times, but my wife said it only rang once on her end. It worked great when I first got it. There servers need to be upgraded or something, but they are blaming it on the distance from the towers. Maybe they moved the towers, yeah, right. I have another year to pay on my contract, or maybe not. If the service doesn't improve, I may just oft out and let them sue me for the rest.

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            Best advice is to do the following:


            1. Place the Home Phone Connect unit close to a window in your home OR any other spot where you get good/great cell strength on your cell phone.
            2. Double check the antenna on the back of the Home Phone Connect unit is ******* on securely.
            3. Make sure the Home Phone Connect unit is plugged into a power outlet. NOTE: DO NOT PLUG HOME PHONE CONNECT INTO A WALL PHONE JACK.
            4. If your cordless home phone equipment is more than five years old, I would consider replacing it. Newer equipment may solve a lot of voice quality issues that are inherent in older equipment being used on a digital network.
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              Here is my problem. Too often when someone calls, they hear the phone ring several times and then it goes to voicemail. The phone does not ring in our house and the caller ID does not show anyone called. If they leave a message, about an hour later the message light goes on and there is a message. This is not all the time. It works fine sometimes too. This happened most recently on Monday night and again this morning. And I KNOW it happens because it has happened to me trying to call home and wondering why no one is picking up.

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                We are having the same problem...People call us and our phone does not ring in our house.  Customer service has not resolved the issue. My father in law called and we got the message five hours later.  When I tried to cancel the service, I was told I would have to pay the early termination fee.  You can't win either way....

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                  I also have Home phone connect, verizon told that there was caller ID on the service ever i get a call it shows incoming call, I called Verizon back in July when i notice the issue, they gave me to run around them told me that the issue would be resolved in December I hate this company they are rip

                  6months later STILL NO CALLER ID information, I am getting rid of them contract or not and they will not paid.