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    why razr showing 3g not 4g lte?


      My phone is showing 3g is that because I did not locking sim card?

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          Go under settings  scroll down to you see mobile networks  click on it and make sure the preferred network mode is cdma/lte    if its set to cdma only that would cause a 3 g only connection.  Also its possible that your in an area where a good 4g signal isnt available and will fall back to 3 g...      Jesse

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            Which city are you located in? G4 LTE is not in all markets at the moment.

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              Jazzy when your say locking Sim Card. Are U saying you think you don't have your Sim Fully Locked in. If this is the Case the Sim Card is what makes your phone operate Properly an it does need to be fully locked in. The Sim Card Mechanism works just like the SD Card one does. You have to very Care how you hold the Sim as Well if all possible avoid the Gold Area of it With your Fingers because you Carry Static Electricity in your Fingers plus the Oils in your Fingers can Damage the Sim an your can operate Erratically. But if were Careful an didn't touch that area you can use a Round Toothpick Cut the pointed ends off to were you have some Flatness to them an with the Tooth pick you can fully seat the Card. That's What i Did on my Maxx an mine has Worked Well since..b33