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    LG Lucid lost 4G service after update


      I have a LG Lucid that received a forced software update from Verizon last night and since then I can only get 3G service. When I go into the network mode I do not have the option for 4G just 1G & 3G.


      I am not happy about paying for a phone with 4G and having that option ripped away from me. I want this fixed and a credit issued to my account. If it cannot be fixed I will be cancelling services as I am not getting what I am paying for.

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          I still have not received a response from my email to customer service and spoke with a co-worker who has 2 LG Lucid's in his house with the exact same issues.


          I was able to restore 4G after Factory Resetting my phone. Now I cannot get data access unless Im on wifi or real lucky with the 4G. I try to go online and lose 4G connectivity and drop down to 1G without data access. I have since factory reset my phone 3 times with no luck.


          Verizon you have really jacked up some stuff now. If my phone is not fixed soon I will be dropping your service and you can take the ETF and shove it where the sun dont shine as you have breached the contract by not providing the service I paid for.

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            I had the 4g turned off when the update started and now have no 4g at all (and the app that used to allow me to toggle between 3g and 4g does not even recognize it is a 4g phone).  I have seen a few others have posted elsewhere with my problem, but I have not found any posted solution-resolution.


            Did you get this resolved?  If so, how (through Verizon, on your own, etc.)?

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              You have to factory default your phone to restore service which ticks me

              off the worst. And once you do you cant go back to 3G on your own. You are

              stuck in battery sucking 4G. Verizon puts the blame on LG & LG puts the

              blame on Verizon. The Lucid is the only phone with this issue.

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                I have been pulling my hair out never had I had such problems And i pay out the butt for good service and been with this co. since day one.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Leannbarre, I certainly don't want you to pull your hair out over this issue! It is by design that the new software no longer has the option to switch back and forth between 3G and 4G. If your phone was in CDMA/3G only mode before the update, the only way to pick up 4G again is by completing a factory reset. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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                    I have had 2 lg lucids and 2 sim cards sent to me. I keep tellng Verizon ever since I recieved the gingerbread update on this phone my 4G keeps dropping. They told me its google or LG. I said ********, this is a OTA which means you sent out the maintenance update. Now I have to wait 3-5 days for someone to call me back and tell me its going to be a tower issue again? HORSE ****!!!!