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    How to use SD card


      I just purchased my first smartphone and am learning how to use things. I simply bought a SD card because without even knowing exactly what it is, simply because I thought it was suppose to have one, and I seemed to installed it right. But is there a way for it to hold certain apps, movies, or games.... or does my Lucid automatically put whatever, wherever?

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          You can move many apps from the phone's internal storage to the SD card. You have to do it one app at a time. Start from the Home Screen, then Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications. Tap All. Once the list populates, you might want to do Menu > Sort by size to see what are the largest ones. Then tap any app and see if has the option to Move to USB storage. Some apps (especially pre-installed and system-related apps) do not have this option. But the ones that do can be moved to the SB card this way.


          Photos and videos that you take should be stored on the SD card automatically.

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            The SD card is used to boost the storage capacity of yoru device.


            The device should automatically use the card to store photos, videos, music, and other media.

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