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    Samsung Brightside Memory issue


      The phone says it has used 47.22mb of the 52.29 internal phone memory.  There are NO apps or txt messages on the phone and all pictures and sounds are on the SD card.  What is using the memory and how do I free it up?  Really inconvenient to only be able to receive 10 messages or so before I have to delete everything.  And forget receiving pictures.


      Thanks for any help!

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          You can try pulling the battery while the phone is on.  Wait a minute or two and then reinsert the battery and restart the phone.  It will force a shut down and works like a computer reboot. It will sometimes free up memory the system is hanging onto.

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            I called Verizon about this issue and they also recommended removing the battery and rebooting.  This problem really needs to be addressed as this is really an unacceptable 'solution'.

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              I don't know why they would tell you to pull the battery and re-install to solve this issue.  Unfortunately, it is a limitation of every Samsung phone I have ever owned.  There is no option have messages stored directly to the removable card.  The phone only has a limited capacity for storing messages.  You have to set the phone up to "auto erase inbox" to keep from running into the "memory full" problem. If there are messages you'd like to keep, you can copy them to the card, but there is no way to have them automatically stored there.

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                I try taking the battery out about once an hour! Stll doesn't work or keep it from freezing.  This is a faulty piece of equipment.  There is no fix.