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    "Please visit the Mobile Broadband Portal on your device." How?!?!


      I have a Jetpack Prepaid 4150. All over the myVerizon site, I see references such as this:


      "If you would like to add a data plan or need additional information, please visit the Mobile Broadband Portal on your device."


      "Please sign into the mobile broadband portal from your device (to): Change Plans / Update Account Information / Update Data Bundles / Edit Credit Card"


      I'd like to change my renewal options and renew with the 3gb plan, but apparently this can only be done on the "Mobile Broadband Portal on my device". However, I see no instructions ANYWHERE on how to get to said portal.


      Of course, this "portal" came up the first time I activated (via quickaccess.verizonwireless.com) but now it's nowhere to be seen.


      Since the My Verizon site is so keen to direct me to said portal for any service issues, one would think maybe there'd be an indication somewhere of how to get back to it?

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