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    Samsung Brightside Problems AFTER Software Update


      My daughter has the Samsung Brightside and the phone had an automatic software update about a week ago. This update fixed the T9 problems, but now her phone randomly shuts off and without being plugged in says it's charging. The little battery charging graphic even looks like it's charging! When she turns it off and back on it will freeze on a screen that says Battery Charging (again it's not even plugged in) and after being frozen on that screen for a few minutes it turns itself off and back on again. Sometimes it works normally after this, and sometimes the battery charging screen comes back on and it goes through the whole shut off/turn on routine.


      Is there any way to reset the phone back to the original software? She prefers the T9 issues to this.




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          Have you tried removing the battery (while the phone is on)? Then wait a minute or two, and reinsert the battery and restart the phone.  Does the phone charge normally and show the charging icon when it IS plugged in?

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            Yes she has tried removing the battery with no luck and the phone charges normally.


            Thank you~

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              You may need to perform a hard reset to reset the device to its factory default settings?



              Reset samsung brightside and erase all user date:

              Step 1, From the Home Screen, touch Settings ➔ Phone Settings ➔ Security.
              Enter the lock code when prompted. ( The default lock code is the last four digits of your telephone number.)

              Step 2, Touch Restore Phone.
              Step 3, touch Yes to erase all user data and reset the samsung brightside to the factory default settings

              [IMPORTANT] | After your phone powers back on, you must enter *228 and press “Send KEY” to re-program your phone.


              check this to reset your brightside.

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hello d2snider,
                I understand this can be a bit annoying for your daughter.  Garyvestal1 suggested a great troubleshooting step.  If this was unsuccessful for you please DM me your name and mobile number, so I may further assist you.  Thank you.


                VZW Support

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                  My phone just started doing the same thing!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I PREFER THE T9 ISSUES INSTEAD OF A PHONE I CAN'T F'n USE!




                  This phone sucks big time!!!!  I am returning the **** phone because it is useless for me the way it is. If I leave the phone on it discharges quickly.  If I turn the phone off the charge indicator shows it is charging when it isn't ...and discharges the phone quickly.  THE ONLY F***KING WAY I CAN USE IT IS BY TAKING THE BATTERY OUT AND PUT IT BACK IN PERIODICALLY TO SEE IF I HAVE ANY CALLS, ETC.!!!!


                  This is the 3rd time getting another replacement brightside phone.  RIDICULOUS!!!!  I use the phone for business and my calls are important, now I have to wait for a new phone.

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                    Yeah ...YOU ARE RIGHT, the problem does succk ...BUT now the problem isn't isolated to one phone.  The problem NEEDS TO BE HIGH PRIORITY NOW.  Please let me know what Verizon is doing to to correct the problem ...completely!  I am really tired of sending my phone in every month!!!!  And also tired of getting another brightside phone with the same problems.

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                      We are having the same issue. All we can do is let the thing die and recharge it. Then it works fine for a few days.

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                        I'm going to try this.  I'm really disappointed in my phone.  The email function overrides alarms and notifications and vz navigator.  And I thought it was just me that I could not access facebook.  What other problems does resetting solve?

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                          I had same issue with my new Brightside phone. After couple of weeks, it shows charging without even plugged. Returned it to Verizon, got replacement, which works fine. But , Verizon posted 99 dollars charges on my phone bill claiming phone connector damaged. They claimed that their debug technician discovered water damaged.  How can water only damaged connector when their is no sign of water or physical damage to the unit? Verizon seems on Samsung side not on their customer on this issue. After visiting this site, I believe this unit we received was manufactured with defective connector.  But shame on Verizon, instead investigating this issue with manufacturer, they blaming and punishing their customers for shipping defective unit.

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