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    Very unhappy with Samsung Galaxy Nexus / Verizon


          When I decided to purchase my first 'smart phone' the first thing I did is start researching phones. This is when the Galaxy Nexus was just about to launch on Verizon in the states. With the large display, the latest OS, Verizon customer satisfaction rating nationally, and local (Marshall MO) customer satisfaction with Verizon coverage are, I chose the Galaxy Nexus and purchased on a 2-year contract on the first date of launch at our local retailer. I thought I was getting the latest and greatest in 'smart phone' technology.


          From the first day with the phone I have been having data drop issues. I was patient.....it was a new phone and operating system.


      The facts:


           Build #: ICL53F



           Multiple times a day my phone will loose data connectivity.

           When data drops, I still have good signal but the bars and wifi icons turn from blue to gray.

           When data drops, I still have voice and text service.

           When data drops, It drops on wifi as well as cell service.

           Power cycling the phone is the only way I have found to restore data service, and this works every time that I have signal.

           Data drops (at least locally) nearly every day at right around 9 AM CST.

           Problem is more prevalent when I am moving from location to location, even within our small town.


      Actions I have taken:

           I reported the issue to our local retailer.

                Response: Everyone with a LTE phone in Marshall is having the same issue, we can't help you.


           I reported the issue to our local retailer who in turn contacted a Verizon Technician?

                The Tech. had me describe the issue very thoroughly. He had me switch the phone to CDMA instead of LTE/CDMA since we don't have LTE in my           local area. This did not cure the issue.


           I kept reading on the web about Android OS 4.0.4 coming soon for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, so in hopes of this curing the issue I just waited and      hoped.

                The OS update has yet to arrive on my phone and the issue has not improved.


           By this time I am thoroughly disgusted with the service and the overall usability of the phone itself. The battery life of the phone is pathetic. In hopes of getting a day out of a single charge, I purchased the higher capacity battery from Verizon online. I still have to charge the phone during the day every day if I want it to work during my waking hours.


           Today I went back to our local Verizon retailer and explained the issue again, but this time to a different employee. She says that 'everyone' is having the same issue and that it is not my particular phone. I ask her if it is just LTE phones having the issue: she tells me that it is all data phones on Verizon in the local area. She tells me that Verizon is not maintaining the local 3G networks because they are spending their money launching LTE, which she said should arrive locally near the end of next year. (So is the customer supposed to accept this level of inferior service for another year and a half in HOPES that it will be resolved in that time? Personally I feel that is completely unacceptable.In that amount of time my contract will expire and I will be searching for a provider/device that provides reasonable service.)


           I don't know what to do next to obtain dependable service. (FWIW my company phone, HTC Dash 3G on T-Mobile, has no issues with dropping data, and I use data every day at work. As a cable TV tech. all our work orders are handled via a browser) From my experience Verizon and the local retailer have no answers for me. Is it time for me to try and get out of my contract and find a different provider? Would a different phone perform better?


      Very dissatisfied customer

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