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    audio problems with razr maxx


      I recently picked up a droid razr maxx and am in love with almost everything about it. The only trouble i have so far is that when i play my music stored on the phone the sound quality is slightly different than when using music streaming apps like pandora, slacker, etc... The problem more specifically is that vocal tracks of the music are drowned out and barely audible compared to the rest of the music. I have tried equalizer apps like poweramp and winamp, but the same problem persists no matter how much tinkering I do. Also I have noticed that the problem only happens when using something connected through the 3.5mm jack. Could this be a similar issue to those I've heard about in the varying 3.5mm jacks on different generations of the iphone/ipod??

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          If it only happens when you plug in a jack to speakers (headphones?) have you tried a different jack (or headset)? Are you sure the jack is fully inserted in the plug-in?

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            yes i've tried different headsets and speakers. Also tried to see if it was a difference in internal storage or sd storage but no difference. The problem only occurs when playing stored music through something connected to the 3.5mm jack.

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              When using an app like the Eq App jsonsini95 use only that app And no other Eq music app because it can cause skipping an distortion. and to use it to the fullest buy the App key.  When i'm listening with out my headsets i usually set the 14khz at 0 or slightly below that an it sound allot better threw the outer speaker. You said this happens when playing stored music well what i suggest on that is Go to your My Music Player--> Tap the Menu Key--> then settings--> Then Audio Affects--> then Wired Stereo Devices--> you'll see Enable Audio Effects Un-Check it. See how it Does with this Un-Checked if sounds better with just using the EQ app leave it Un-Checked. I have mine Checked The Effects profile is set to custom the Surround is off the Equalizer is set Bass Punch..


              Now as for my Phone Speaker the One in the Back the Audio Affects i have Un-checked and as i mentioned i let the Eq App do the Rest.. That's how i got mine Set up an it sounds way better than it Did..b33