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    Hotspot/wireless printer


      If I use my Droid3 as a hotspot at home on a full time basis, can a wireless HP printer be hooked up to it?

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          I would like to know how to do this, too! If it matters, I have a Canon MX880 and I want to print from my Droid3.     

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            Did find answer to my printer set up with Droid 3. Went to web site of manufacture & the easy to follow instructions were to go to "tools" on the printer, find set up network, it found my Droid3 put in the password I set up and it will now work wirelessly in the house off my phone. This may be your solution also. Good luck!

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              In Google Play, there was an app for Canon printers called "Canon Easy-Photo Print". I was able to print pictures and docs from my Droid3 immediately after installing it and recognizing my printer.


              There is an app for HP called "HP ePrint Home & Biz". See if that supports your printer.


              Good luck!