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    Thunderbolt Not reading Battery Correctly


      Hey there!

      I have been searching the net for this particular problem I am having and sofar have found nothing, so I was hoping maybe you guys could help me out.


      My Thunderbolt after fully charging the battery will show at the highest about 60% battery life, if not lower. This morning for example it would only show 29%. I have bought 2 additional extended batteries for the phone, both will show around the same percent when fully charged.


      I have tried doing the whole battery calibration "thing", with no success whatsoever. One time, after my phone died; I took the battery out of my phone and put it in my friends phone and it showed 82% remaining, yet my phone would say 0% and die. I have done multiple Factory Resets as well.


      I've heard of a few other people having this problem and just warranting back the phone, but thats the problem. My warranty ran out a couple months ago. I had to replace my thunderbolt twice for random annoying issues, and when I got my Third phone (current), the battery wouldnt charge past 80% but i figured the battery was going out and not that big of a deal. The warranty ran out a couple months after I received my current phone so I decided to finally by addition Extended Batteries. And here I am. -_-

      At most the battery will last maybe 3 hours under use, 5-6 with light use. If i leave it in standby, maybe around 8 hours. And this is with the Extended battery!


      When my Phone dies, I am capable of pulling the battery out, waiting a minute, and putting the battery back in and wala! it will have a sudden 2-5% of battery life left again. I can usually do it 4-5 times before it wont work anymore.


      Occasionally the phone will drain fast, get to anywhere from 19-2% and just sit at one specific percent for a few hours.


      I have tried multiple charging cables including: Car Charger, Stock Phone Charger, Offbrand wall charger, and PC-USB charging.


      I am thinking my phone is not reading the battery voltage correctly. When my phone stops charging, or really just sits at a random percent for forever, it shows roughly 3.822V. When the battery is "dead" according to my phone, it shows around 3.6 - 3.5V. I'm not completely sure if that is normal, or even relevant.

      Any help would be most appreciated, thank you! And I apologize for the long post.

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