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        Aha! That's what the guy at the Verizon store did! He took the thing in the back and then returned with it working. Hocus pocus. OK. I'll try this method.

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          I bought my Samsung Brightside in March after the touch screen on my 2 1/2 year old, reliable LG ENV quit working.  The Brightside was about the best option for a basic featured (not smart) phone with a QWERTY keyboard.  After I got it, however, I wished I had my ENV back...it was a way nicer phone by far.  I know smart phones are where all the money is at, but seriously, can't those of us who don't want all the smart phone features get a phone that isn't ******?  Anyhow, sometime in July the alarm feature on my phone stopped working.  Makes it hard to get up in the morning when you alarms don't go off.  Occasionally one randomly goes off, out of the blue, but not reliably at all.  It never shows me if I have a voicemail waiting to be listened to, and now, just within the last two weeks, the screen has started to freeze whenever I'm on the alarm screen.  So now I'm popping the battery out several times a week, just to be able to use the phone at all.  It is ridiculous to be having these issues with the MOST BASIC features of a cell phone within 6 months of purchasing it.  I don't need all the spiffy stuff...I just need a good phone that works.  I appeciate all of the comments here...glad to know I'm not the only one frustrated by this problem.  PLEASE Verizon and Samsung, come up with a solution to fix the issues with this phone.  If you can't, do the decent thing and issue a refund/recall, or offer to swap with a different make/model of phone.  I've been with Verizon for a long time.  After suffering through two years of phone frustration, however, I might be tempted to take my phone business elsewhere. 

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            We feel your pain.  I'm doing the battery shuffle as well and it seems to be working for now.  However the phone has worked off and on the whole time I've had it so I'm always waiting for that morning the alarm stops working again.

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              At this point, the only bright side about my Brightside, is that I got it as a free upgrade.  I am currently investigating my options with other wireless carriers.

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                My alarm stopped working as well, four months after receiving the phone. I spoke with Verizon but no solution. Today the alarm failed and I missed thirty-minutes of work. Crazy. I have tried to use "alarm only," I've tried leaving the ringer tone up but to no avail it simply does not work. But, if I set it at 6:30 A.M. for 6:45 A.M. it will work. Anytime over thirty-minutes and it will not ring: i.e. setting it at 9 P.M. for a 5 A.M. wake-up and forget about it, it will not work! Verizon, I need my job so I can pay my bill. Please solve this issue. Thanks.

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                  I am just a low tech old lady and would have trouble with anything, but this is too much. Yes we have other ways to wake up, travel alarms, etc.,but now I have a two year contract on a phone I can't trust. It's unpredictable and hypersensitive and you don't know what went wrong this time, over and over. So angry at sales dept., I'm giving my wall phone account to Comcast. Verizon is the best for cell transmission, and they know it, so they have you. This is hard on older people, too.

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                    My calendar reminder and alarm stopped working two months ago. Any fix for this?

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                      hello kabz. You are in the company of thousands of other consumers who purchased this phone and who have and continue to experience the identical problems. I have been dealing with this for eight months. I am now convinced that Samsung is NEVER going to fix this and we are all going to be stuck with this phone and its defects.



                      I purchased mine in March 2012. The Calendar and Alarm stopped working two weeks after I purchased it. I got a BRAND NEW Brightside from the store owner in May and that BRAND NEW Brightside -- its Calendar and Alarm features stopped working about two weeks later. More Brightsides from the store at which I purchased mine were tested and the Calendar and Alarm functions both failed. 



                      There is no resolution. Thousands of consumers who have posted reviews about the Brightside have all stated the identical problem and to date, neither Verizon nor Samsung has publicly addressed this issue. The store at which I purchased the first Brightside has stopped selling this phone.



                      Good luck but you are stuck with this unless you want to cough up more money for a different phone.

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                        Yes, this periodic battery removal is working for me too!  I've tried everything short of a rain dance and different methods have seemed to work and then failed.  But the battery removal has been working for me for quite a while now!  I'm finally able to relax and enjoy this phone.  There is still some lingering fear (from all the previous trauma) that an alarm or calendar event will fail when I really need it... but every week I get more confident.


                        Samsung should fix their product.  But I can live with this workaround.

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                          JimSlimbo: You are lucky. I have tried that many times but the Calendar and Alarm still do not work - at all.



                          Consider yourself lucky.



                          Verizon and Samsung are NEVER EVER going to fix this problem (like Taylor Swift saying she is NEVER EVER getting back together). I could write a parody song of this!

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