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    Haptic Feedback Issue


      Droid Razr Maxx haptic feedback comes and goes.  No rhyme or reason to it.  It will lose keyboard feedback (using Swiftkey X), feedback when pressing home/back/search/menu buttons, loses feedback when unlocking, and when haptic feedback goes away the phone will no longer vibrate for notifications, sms, calls, etc.  Essentially the phone will lose all ability to vibrate.


      It will come back on it's own, but there is no way to force it to come back.  Restarting the phone doesn't always bring it back.  Turning haptic feedback off then back on doesn't always bring it back.


      Any suggestions as to what might be causing this?

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          What i Did on Mine was Shut it off an Left it off!    But you Could i Guess Toggle it off & then Toggle it Back on agin to See if you can Jar it a little.. Give this a Shot Let me know if it Worked or Not if. Try something Else..

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            Toggling hasn't worked consistently.  Haptic feedback not working doesn't bother me as much (though it is strange to have the feedback typing, then it disappearing halfway through a word).  The biggest concern for me is that it also shuts the notification vibration off when it decides to take a break.  Thank you for the advice!

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              Your Welcome:  I should of mention i do have it were i can here it when i'm typing!  Sound only.  but you get to many Vibrates here an there an and after a While than can Drive Ya nuts.. b33

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                I've been having this issue with my RAZR. No rhyme or reason to it, and haptic feedback barely ever works at all now.  It also won't vibrate when I receive calls.

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                  Have you done a Soft Reset when this is o curing give that a try.. And you might have an App causing the Issue did you start having the Issue right away when you got your Phone or sometime there after.. You can put your phone into Safe Mode if you know how to this an operate it There to see if the issue exists. If you don't know how to get into Safe mode let me Know..

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                    Hello All,


                    I am have issues with the haptic feedback also... Very strange indeed, it just started happening recently. I have removed apps that have the possibility of changing this functionality... no help. I have been checking out the forums and many are posting issues similar. I found a post that indicated if you shake the phone when the feedback stops it will return, and BINGO this works EVERY time for me... That said, its still not right.


                    I have read where others have done factory resets, obtained new phones, and the problem returns... I am puzzled! I don't think I have received an update to the OS via OTA.


                    My Build Date is Thu Mar 8 12:33:02 CST 2012


                    What I can tell you is its very annoying!

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                      More Information,


                      I booted the phone into safe mode and its also looses the feedback... and again if I just shake the phone, bingo! its back... so if this mode excludes apps, then what does it now mean? The OS is bad? the hardware is bad? and why in the world does shaking the phone cause the haptic feedback to start working again?

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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        Hi, EMarioC-

                        I agree this can become annoying quickly! I want to look further into this concern for you and the community. On June 22, a new software update was released to Razr users with many enhancements. Once this is delivered to your phone, please provide feedback to me if the haptic issue still exists. You can find more information about the update on our support site: http://bit.ly/sXxX2y.

                        Thank you!
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                          My feedback has just started to go on the fritz and it is a big pain for me. I practically rely on my haptic feedback in order to send emails/texts and when it will randomly quit working during the middle of my typing it really messes me up. It didn't begin until a few nights ago, but it would quickly come back on. Now it is going hours at a time before coming back. I have tried soft resetting my phone and I even just performed a hard/factory reset on my phone and it is still cutting in and out. 



                          Yes, I am running the newest ICS update and have been since the problem has occurred.

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