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    Battery Issues with DROID RAZR


      This is the 2nd RAZR I've gotten from Verizon, and I'm having the same issues. I have to charge the battery several times a day, even when I'm not using it. The so-called "Smart Actions" do nothing for saving my battery - they just annoy me. The battery gets hot as fire when I'm using the phone for extended periods of time, whether talking, texting, navigating, or playing games/music. I've only been with Verizon since February, and this doesn't give me very much confidence in their products. I'm seriously considering going a different route completely. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issues and how Verizon fixed them.

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          When Charging are you Using the Phone at the same Time ?  When i Charge my Maxx i shut it off an Charge it with the Charger that Came with or one of my Moto Chargers but as i Said i shut the Phone off when i charge it.. And it does get a little Warm but not to were you can't hold it..b33 

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            I was with another provider for years.  I finally switched due to the needed coverage that Verizon provides.  I just got the Maxx so I am not familiar with the battery life of the Razr, but there are several things you can do to help improve the battery life.  Without knowing what all you have tried (with the exception of the smart actions app), I don't want to bore you with things you may have already tried. 


            Are you in a location that gets good 4g coverage?  If not, then try setting the phone to the 3g coverage, as 3g will not eat up as much battery.  Menu>Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks>Network mode>CDMAonly will put you on 3g


            Limit the use of background running widgets on your home screens

            WiFi uses more battery than 4g also, so only use it as needed and then make sure it is off when not needed. 

            Same with bluetooth and GPS.

            See what applications you have downloaded that might require running background data.  Some applications run in the background and using data will run down the battery quite a bit as well.

            Visit the Android website to see what others suggest about how to save on battery life too.  This can be very helpful and may tell you other ideas that could help.

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              A few things to Remember there are Apps that can Run in the Back Ground an pull your Battery down, if your Using a Task killer get Rid of it an Use this App System Panel App it's a very Good App an it will tell you what is going on in the Razr i have used the app since 2010 on my Droid X an got it on my Maxx.  At home i use my Wi-Fi i don't rely on the Network i have 3G only at this Time But even if we had 4G i would still use Wi-Fi it's constant an the Radio in my Maxx doesn't have to search all the time for the Towers..

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                The RaZR seems to manage battery very poorly when you have data turned on. If I start my day at 6:50, and have my data turned on, by the time I get out of school, I have 60 some percent battery left. If I have it turned off, it'll have around 92-94% left. There is obviously something wrong with this and I hope they fix it with the 5 month late ICS update.

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                  Are you in a 4G only Area ? 

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                    @B33 No, there is 4G on the highway and I live about 5 miles from the highway and only get 3G.

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                      Test your battery capacity when fully charged. There are some battery apps, but I'm not sure if they give an accurate read. A battery store should have the equipment to do it and they probably will for free if you mock interest in buying a replacement battery (not sure if razr replacements are on the market yet or not).


                      If the battery capacity is at or below 80% of the phones rating, Motorola will replace it.


                      More likely though, your battery and stock battery software are out of sync. Run your phone down to 10%, turn it off, charge it. Turn it on and repeat. Also, get an app that shows detailed power usage.

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                        OOKy sounds like your in a Rule area of some wear! i've been in those kind of places before an we have allot of them in KS.


                        Right now we've allot something Else it's called T-Storms with Rain, an some small Hail but the Lightning is Vivid as H---

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                          Sometimes, but as often as I'm having to charge it, turning it off every time is NOT the answer.

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