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    Samsung Brightside memory full message


      My Samsung Brightside has recently started acting up; every time I get a text message it tells me the phone memory is full and I have to delete something to free some space.


      I have a 16GB external card with my pics & ringtones on it. The only app I use is Backup Assistant. I deleted a couple of the preloaded apps to make some room. The only thing that's saved on the phone is my contact list and call history (as far as I can tell) which shouldn't use much space, but when I check Phone Memory Usage it says I've used 54.91 of 57 MB (phone) and only 256K of 42.75 (multimedia). Also I have no saved text messages (again, as far as I can tell).


      What can I get rid of?

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          Unfortunately, the phone does not save text messages to the external card.  The only way to prevent this from constantly popping up is to set the phone to "auto erase inbox".  Go to messaging/more/settings/set "auto erase inbox" to "on".  Sucks, but that's the only way other than doing it manually.

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            I understand that the phone saves the text messages to internal memory, but I guess my real question is what is using up the internal memory? It's not text messages because I'm not saving them (and how much memory could they eat anyway?


            Are there things I can delete to free up space?

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hello A.Robot,
              I know this error message can be a bit annoying.  Onecrazy88fan is correct.  The text messages are saved to the internal memory.  They are automatically saved to the internal memory.  This option is not chosen by you, but an automatic option to allow you to review past text.  To free internal memory you will need to erase text messages.  I would also like to suggest checking your picture storage location to make sure this is set to SD card and not internal storage.  You can do so by tapping your camera Icon>Settings>Storage Location>SD.  Please let me know if you need any additional assistance.  Thank you. 


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                I called this issue in as well.  My phone is new.  I had one picture and just a couple text messages on the phone and I deleted all the trial apps.  The support technician told me that Verizon was unaware of the issue and had me remove the battery and reboot the phone.  This really is an unacceptable solution and a new phone should not have this problem.  IMHO, it is not a customer usage issue.  There is a problem with the phone itself.  Verizon really needs to get this addressed.


                Thank you.

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                  It's not an issue with the phone if that is how the phone is designed to operate.  Samsung phones, historically, have been this way.  It's stupid, but that's the way it is.

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                    I get the same error and my phone has a grand total of 4 text messages on it.  Most likely it's a firmware bug in the phone itself.  This problem started happening shortly after Verizon shipped me a replacement phone.

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                      this is indeed a problem with the phone, not what you have stored on it.  i noticed the same problem happening with my brightside - it would claim the memory is full and ask me to delete something in order to receive new text messages, even though i only had one picture and 4 text messages stored on the phone.


                      i checked the memory under settings - memory - phone memory - phone memory usage (note that's the internal phone memory, not the card memory).  it showed the available memory for the phone was down to a few KB (kilobytes).


                      on a hunch, i just powered the phone off and back on, and checked the phone memory usage again.  there was now 36MB (megabytes) free.  my guess is there's a bug in some internal software that isn't freeing memory.


                      until they release a software update that addresses this memory leak, it may require periodically cycling the power on our phones.

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                        could be memory cashe and when you restart it clears it.. but at least you found a simple fix for it

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                          power cycling the phone is definitely not a fix!  it's a workaround, and a poor one at that - it means that the phone will start to reject messages at some unknown point if you forget to periodically (?) power cycle it.  it needs a real fix by samsung engineers.

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