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    Help, My Droid Razr Max keeps shutting down


      I Just bought by new Droid Razr Max on May 12th,  On May 14th it shut down and I was unable to make it work.  I took it to the Verizon store and the customer service rep. rebooted it by holding down the power button and the volume button.  I had charged it all night on the charger it came with so it was not because it was a low battery.  Since the Verizon representative could not reproduce the shut down she gave it back to me and said keep using it.  Then it happened again 3 days later and I then I rebooted it by holding down the power button and volume button.  I called Verizon and they told me to take it back to the store.  Of course when I took it back this time the manager said there was nothing wrong with it and he could not reproduce the problem.  To take it home and if I had any problems to bring it back.  Well it shut down again yesterday Wednesday 5/23/12.  I took it back to the store.  They rebooted it but could not reproduce the problem as to why it was shutting down.  They said I had probably downloaded an app that is not working properly.  Since the manager or the previous customer service representative that had worked on the phone was not there, it was not documented.  Only the call to Verizon was.  Again take the phone home and use it   There is no problem that they could see. 

      I have not downloaded any apps that are problematic, I charge it on its own charger all night so the battery is not low.  I only receive 2 phone calls when it shut down.  I have not dropped it.  I do not use excessively  only  to look at my emails or take a call.  I answer emails from my home pc.  Is this phone able to handle more usage without shutting down?  I am afraid I must be doing something wrong. The store wants me to come by everytime I need to reboot. Is this normal.  The manager said that they would replace it if need be but since this was not documented the customer service people said just come in when I have a problem again. Is it normal to bring in the phone 3 times in 11 days?

      Need your advise. Thank you in advance.


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