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    Spoof card phone calls-any way to block?


      The past 4 days I've been receiving calls from a # that is using a spoof card #. It is basically just a 6 digit # that shows up on the caller id instead of the actual #. It has been the same spoof # 970-002 The first few times I ignored it because I had no idea what it was. Researched it and now I know what it is. The last 3 times it has called I answer and nobody has said anything. I am getting extremely aggravated. Is there anyway to block these kinds of calls? Preferably without making it so only my own contacts can reach me. Because I am expecting calls from jobs and other stuff where I may not have the # stored.

      I really do not want to have to change my # because that costs $ and I just shouldn't have to do that because people are playing games. It is obviously the same person doing it if its the same spoof #.

      Anybody know what I can do to stop getting these calls? First time I've ever gotten them as well.


      I have a Samsung Intensity II for a phone.