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    How do I print from my Droid Razr


      Can't seem to find an anwer about how to print from my new Droid Razr. Can anyone help please

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          Here are some Instructions To get you Started: b33 if you need more assistance Please Post..



          How do I print from my phone? (DROID RAZR MAXX)



          How do I print from my phone?




          To print from your phone:

          From the home screen, touch Apps and touch MOTOPRINT

          With MOTOPRINT you can print from your device or PC over Wi-Fi.

          From your device, you can print: Word, PDF documents, photos, web pages, emails, calendar entries and contacts. Powerpoint and Excel documents can be printed via your PC using the free MOTOPRINT Hos utility for your PC available at www.motorola.com/motoprint

          For more information, please see MOTOPRINT.

          If you don't wish to use MOTOPRINT, we suggest trying the Android Market for other alternatives like:

          While we do not endorse or guarantee these solutions, or provide support for them, some owners have reported success using a 3rd party Android Application like "Printershare"or "Cloud Print".  You can search the Android Market for 3rd party applications that are available that will enable you to print from your DROID RAZR MAXX.






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            Hi just wanted to chime in here. B33 you just enlightened me on that motoprint. I'll get my max probly Mon. or Tues. Coming from the Droidx which I have totally enjoyed and was using the Printershare. Even tho I had to pay for it, it has worked great with both of my printers. A Canon and HP. I will like to try the motoprint. Thanks for the info!

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              Your Welcome an My Droid X is Right Next to My Maxx Working as it Has since i Got Her 2 Years Ago she looks as if i just got her out of the Box Not a Scratch or Any thing.. Have a Good Sunday.. b33

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                You too b33. Is the motoprint already included or will I have to download? Sorry forgot to ask that. Also I saw somewhere that might can use the wifi on it even tho it is not in service? That would be great.

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                  Motoprint is included an you may have to do a Update but you will just to check it out when you get your Maxx an see but it's in the app drawer.. Let me know when you get it..b33

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                    B33 I got my Maxx today and haven't been able to keep my hands off! Love it. I think I'll stay away from the Motoprint, won't work with my Canon Pixma printer. The Printershare has a wide selection and it is really easy to use, and well worth the money. Also you can use wifi, bluetooth or network with it.

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                      Hey Glad you got it An To your Question the Answer is you Bet you can and something to Pass on to ya Jodi Motoprint is an App an can Be Updated but you can use Bluetooth to Communicate with your Printer if the Printer is Set up to Communicate by Blutooth. If you need any help in other areas of the Maxx Give me Shout i'll help as Much as i Can if you want to send a D.M.= Direct Message just hover your Mouse over my Avatar witch is the Old Hulk an you will see Follow just Check it.. And Again Welcome to the Forum an Congrats on getting your Maxx. b33