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    Re: What does 1x mean on the Droid Razr


      I have a new Motorola Razzr it drops 1x and 3G, tech support can't seem to tell me why have this problem since got the phone 3 weeks ago, I can see the tower and my phone drops all connection, it works bout 50% of the time. Can;t get on internet.. Any help would be appreciated...

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          being close to the tower isn't always a good thing.


          the signal is shaped much like an umbrella, close to the tower, you're under it & little if no signal. it's actually better to be further away.


          do the bars show more signal strength as you pull away from that tower?

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            I have seen on my Razr Maxx a Few times the 1X as Well it Just means your in a Rual Area an you are Only Getting 2G=1X. Were i Live we only get 3G for Now. While it seems every body around us has the 4G. One thing to Note Do change the CDMA/LTE to Just CDMA..it can cause big time issues with phone if you change it. I have an kept mine since i Bought it on CDMA/LTE..b33

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              Its not just a Razr thing, I have experienced this issue also from time to time, if I had to guess they are working on or having issues with the towers in your area... Have you called CS to verify their isnt a network issues,

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                Wildman i have only Seen the  1X on Two Occasions one was out by Great Bent Ks an another was when was over in a Rual part of Sedgwick County. Other than that it's been on 3 or when in the Area 4G

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                  B33, thanks for all your information that you post. I live and work in a 4g area, and I have had the maxx for almost 3 weeks.

                  With regard to your comment, is it safe then to change from lte to wifi every night when I come home since you said that it's not good to switch from lte to CDMA ? So , what you are saying that it is better for the phone to do the switch by itself, rather than switch maually from lte to CDMA? Thanks for your your help. .....Freddie.

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                    Yes it's a Natural switch From the Network to the Wi-Fi. An as for the info on the the CDMA/LTE switch.  The first Day i Got my Maxx ! Before i Done anything with it. I called an Talked to Tier 2 Tech an asked Him Many Questions an the First thing that he Told Me Was to leave that Switch as is. He told me as we talked further on He said in our Training classes with Moto Techs the subject of leaving the cdma/lte as is was brought up many Times. And he also told me he owned a Maxx as Well And before i new it We had talked for 2 Hours But he Still stayed on the Phone an went threw the Programming with Me. I call that dedication an i wished there would've been more Like Him.. 

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                      Thanks B33.

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                        Your Welcome Fred! And i hope you have Lots of Safe Fun with your Maxx..

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          Hi Krf, I'm sorry you're having issues with your new device. I can truly understand your frustrations and hope we can resolve this so that you may start to enjoy your new device. I would also like to thank the community for your imput. Krf, I see from your post that you have spoken with our technical support team in regards to your reception issues. What specific information did they provide for you? Did they file a trouble-ticket for your area so that our engineers can evaluate the problem. A trouble-ticket will help us focus on your specific area and find out why your experiencing these issues. If a trouble-ticket was filed, please let us know what resolution was provided to you. If there wasn't a trouble-ticket filed, we will need to have one processed. I would also like to know what area your located in. Per the suggestion from Wildman, we can check for any issues that may have been reported for your area. Once we perform all the trouble-shooting needed to locate why your having this issue, we can locate a resolution. We hope to hear from you soon and thanks for being our customer.


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