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    Trouble with backup assistant.


      I'm having a problem with backup assistant. I accidently deleted a number from my phone, then tried to restore it with backup assistant. Stupid backup assistant insists that everything was restored, but it is not. I could manually re-enter the number, but what fun would that be? I've tried updating my phone with the *228 opt2, tried turning it off, then on again, and tried removing and replacing the battery. Like I said, I could manually replace the darned number, but now, it's personal.

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          Possibly backup assistant performed a backup while the number was deleted, so when you restored, it wasn't there.


          As you said, you can manually re-enter the number.  That seems to be the easiest solution.

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            The number is not deleted online, only on my phone. I will re-enter it manually rather than lose the number. I'm just annoyed that it isn't working as I understand it should. GRRR!

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              Is your phone an android phone?

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                No, Ann, it isn't. It's just a basic LG flip phone, and I've had it for about 3 years. I wouldn't mind having one of those smart phones, but I can't justify the monthly charge of operating one. Besides, I like the month to month thing right now. I like to think that being able to drop them with minimal notice might keep Verizon on their toes.

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                  Oh, okay. What you described was similar to various issues android phones were also having with Backup Assistant. That's why I asked for clarification on what kind of phone you had.

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                    I just checked to see when the last time BA did a successful backup of my LG Dare. It was Sept. 2011! While I do not change my contacts often, there have been changes since then. Checked the BA "Manage my Media" web page and discovered BA has been replaced with "Backup Assistant Plus". Seems it is compatible only with the new phones. Didn't get too worried until I tried to update my contacts info. I could make any change I wished to any contact, but I could not save the changes--the "save" button did not function. The "Sync to Phone" button also did not function.


                    It looks like once again Verizon has abandoned slightly older phones completely.


                    Note: There still are directions on the website for downloading and installing the older version of BA. But, it is not unusual for info to remain on Verizon's website long after it has been killed. I hope this is just one of those long BA outages that have occurred in the past.

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                      I'll look that over later and let you know what happens. It sounds reasonable, as I was pretty sure it wasn't me.

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                        I took the time to look over all the responses I received. Thanks so much everybody who tried to help. Backup assistant plus does not support my phone, so I had to replace the number manually. BACKUP ASSISTANT PLUS, AND VERIZON, FOR THAT MATTER, CAN BITE ME FOR ALL I CARE!!! We've been thinking of checking out AT&T, anyway! I've been wanting a smart phone for a while, and no way can I afford Verizon's data plan.