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    Razr will not power on


      I've had my Razr for a couple months. My phone just shut down and will not power on. I thought the battery was dead and it's been on a charger now for an hour and still will not power on. It won't even show the battery showing the percentage of charge the battery has. Any suggestions as to whats going on or what I should try?

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          If you can't get it on at All or it's Not showing anything when the Charger is Connected to it. You either have a Bad Charger that Won't pull it at All Or a Bad Device. I would Do this if you have another Motorola Charger with a Mini U.H.F End on it Plug it in an See what happens. If you don't have one Got to the place you Got it or Local Verizon Comm store an have them Plug it in If still Nothing you Either have a Bad battery or the Phones internals are Bad.


          But i would go threw those Steps then Eliminate each one as you. But Hopefully it's just a Bad Charger..b33

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            Thanks. Yes I've tried about 3 different chargers and nothing. The only thing that happens is when I plug it in to my computer to my laptop using the usb cable a white light will come on. Do you know anything about that?

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              Is it showing any indication that it is Charging When it's Connected to U.S.B like the Battery in the Center of the Screen. If it's showing anything like that i'd say it's time to return the for a New one..b33

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hi, JoRay!

                I want to make sure you are able to enjoy your total Razr experience. To reboot, please press and hold the Volume Down & Power key to force the Razr to power on. Let me know if that helps. If not, I can assist with other options.

                Thank you,
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                  The Bad thing there Adam is if Op can't get the Device back on it can't Be Rebooted i think it's time Talk about Re-placement..b33

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                    This happened to mine yeasterday, just turned itself off. I thought the battery was dead so put on charger, left all night and still it would lonly come up to Moto Running on startup. I left on charger and not it is showing about 40% charged. I have had it for 6 or more months and never seen this before. Anyone seen anything like this?

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                      Have you tried the Soft Reset Method Give that A Shot an See it will Revive it..

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                        Do you loose data with a soft reset and how to do it?



                        It must have been in soft reset cause it would not come on at all until today, thats charginbg sine 7pm yesterday.

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                          You'll Be Fine an to do a Reset!  Volume Down An Press Power at the Same Time. Hold till it Shuts off Now sometimes When holding the Volume Down it Drop the Volume Down to were it Goes to Vibrate an will Vibrate as your Doing the Procedure Go ahead an Continue the soft Reset. When the Phone powers off Let off the Buttons an the Razr will Repower it self. Once all things are done the you will need to Return your Volume to the Current level you had it at..

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