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    How to turn off 3G data plan?


      After my phone broke, I ordered an env3 phone from online to replace it. I heard of Verizon's policy of forcing 3G upon the newer phones, so I made sure to ask the representative as I was activating my phone for use about it, and she said that it was optional, confirming what I saw online from a VW representative.




      However, when this month's bill came in, it put on the $10 charge for 3G, even though I did not request it at all. How do I go about turning this off? (And getting my money back if possible, too!)

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi elegantia,

          I am sorry to learn that your bill includes a data feature that you did not request. While we're unable to issue credits for charges already billed to your account, you can remove the feature online if you login to your My Verizon account http://goo.gl/9LJwq and stop future charges.
          If you need assistance removing the data plan please follow me and send me a direct message including your full name and wireless number; I will access your account and remove the feature for you.

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