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    Verizon owes me $364 since March 16 and I still don't have it????  Legal Action going to be taken!


      So on March 1, 2012 I signed up for new Verizon service and purchased a Galaxy Nexus.  I used the device for two days and returned it because the device had a very poor signal.  I was told by the store (which is a corporate store) that I am allowed one exchange.  I exchanged for the iPhone 4s.  About three days after that I decided that Verizon's data speeds on the 4S were very poor.  I went back to the store on Mar. 11 to return the phone as I had already ported my number back to AT&T.   The store manager said I COULD NOT RETURN THE PHONE.  He said I already had one exchange that I was stuck with it.  Keep in mind my receipt said I had 14 days to terminate service and return any equipment.  I was still within that time frame.  The store manager said I would have to return it through the warehouse and wait for a check.


      So customer care said that until I they get the phone I'd have a ETF on my account.  Well they got the phone back on Mar. 16.  I began calling every day to ask where my money was.  I was told half the time I'd get a check, and the other half of the time it would just automatically go back on my card.  Well this continued all the way up until April 25.  The treasury department issued a total of $311.99 on my closed account and I was told a check would soon be on its way.


      Ok, so then I waited a few days and was told last week my check had already gone out.  I was told I'd be getting it Friday (May 1st, or possibly May 2).  Well I got no check so decided to call back.  This time I was told I'd be getting it next week (this current week).  They guaranteed me that I'd have it by Thursday the absolute latest.  On Sunday I called back and guess what?  The credit of $311.99 was still on my account and NO CHECK was issued.  I was livid.  I then contacted a supervisor, Richard who is still currently working on this.  I last heard from him on Monday saying he filed something and would hear something back by the end of the day.  He also mentioned he would be off the next two days.  I have yet to hear back from him, hopefully tomorrow I will.


      Verizon LISTEN UP!!!!  Never, EVER, will I do business with you again.  Your employees are ignorant, misinformed people who don't know their own jobs.  You still have my money when I returned my equipment nearly 2 months ago.  Your reps say something totally different every time I call.  I am told I will be followed up on.  Nothing but broken promises.  I am going to hear this Richard guy out then I am bringing in some third party action.  I plan on contacting the Better Business Bureau. 


      You OWE ME MY MONEY AND ARE KEEPING IT FROM ME.  I owned you $50 for the week I had service and payed that.  I returned my phone to your warehouse because the store had NO WAY of doing a return on it, and yet I still don't have my money.


      I HAVE NEVER BEEN so insulted by a company.  I will be taking legal action until I am given back every penny I am owed by you.  I will stop at nothing to make sure I spread the word about Verizon Wireless and their wonderful business practice.


      -Extremely upset Customer!!!