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    Motorola DROID 2 Global Touch Screen Issues


      I have a Motorola Droid 2 Global that I purchased from Verizon a year and two months ago. I'm in a 2 year contract. Up until yesterday, the phone worked fine, Something is wrong with the touch screen or something, When I tried to slide the unlock switch on the screen, it wouldnt work, no response at all, so I unlocked it with the keyboard and it worked, but the phone screen was going crazy, clicking into stuff/dialing numbers and I couldn't stop it, so I pulled the battery and put it back in and tried again, same thing and then the home screen went black, but the strip on top with the 3G status, siginal strength and battery life was still there, restarted it again. I left the battery out overnight. This morning, I powered it up and the screen unlocked after swiping it about 20 times and I was able to use the screen, but only certain things would work and often times, you touch something and it does the wrong action, Its so messed up..... I stopped at Verizon today and she wiped all the data off it thinking that would take care of it, but no... it didnt work and I lost all my data. >:( I've had this phone for just barely over a year, wouldnt there be any kind of warranty? She said I could buy a pre-owned to replace it, but they are sooo expensive and not really any of them are phones I want. I don't have insurance, because the bill is already so expensive, but since this just happened out of the blue, not from dropping it, shouldnt there be some kind of warranty coverage??? I'm stuck... what do I do here? Thanx in advance

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          My son's Droid 2 is also having screen issues, it's about 10 months old. We have insurance but that's still $75 on top of the monthly insurance pmt for a new phone.  Is there something we should all know about this phone? Are screen issues common/normal/to be expected?

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            yes mine tooexactly the same issues, although I was curious how t unlock it thru thekeyboard???

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              I've had my phone going on a year and mine does the same thing your son's phone does. I think it is just the phone itself. My husband says that it could be the system it runs on is a little buggie.

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                I have a Droid 2 and it does the same ****. This is the 3rd Droid 2 that I have had in 2 years! Went to the Verizon store today and they wiped it and so now my stuff is gone and I can't even unlock the **** thing!!! He kept pushing me to buy a new phone from him and I wouldn't do it. I'm just going to switch my device to my son's old one for the time being. The Droid 2's are the biggest pieces of **** ever!!!! I think maybe it is the android system that is the biggest piece of ****....I am going to switch to the iphone

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                  I had that happen with my first Droid, and was told the cause was the anti virus I had on the phone.  Verizon claimed that anti virus programs caused more problems than they helped on phones.  Not sure if this is the case with your issues, but just tossing it out there for consideration.

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                    I appear to have the same issue. My phone might as well be possessed by a demon who's soul desire is to frustrate and otherwise impede my use of the phone. My phone was fine up until last week or so. I have no idea what happened... At first I thought maybe it fell on the floor and I broke something but it seems finicky at random times throughout the day. It's not even constant or anything. However, it does seem to be getting worse. In the last two days or so I have barely used my phone because the urge to just smash it has become so intense. It does what ever it wants even when I am not touching the stupid thing.

                    At around 98 dollars a month on a none family plan this is the most useless frustrating thing I have ever encountered. I have barely used it this month at all because it simply refuses use 80% if not 90% of the time I attempt to use it. In fact I have become afraid to use given that it could call emergency numbers, relatives, or friends and use up the tiny amount of minutes I have on the plan as is.

                    Motorola DROID 2 Global = useless. with all the trouble I have had with this phone I don't think I want another Motorola ever, possibly even a droid ever.

                    On a side note I had stopped by the store down town to inquire about my issue. The girl I talked to had no idea all she could say was that the phone has had issues and wasn't even specific about my issue. All she did was take my SIM card out and said that sometimes it causes issues and that they no longer use them. Of course I was skeptical that this would even remotely fix my issue but I played along and allowed it. Its been several days if not a week now and its only gotten worse as I have stated. I have taken good care of my phone so what ever is wrong its not from me.

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                      I had the same screen issues with my first Droid 2 Global...I had it for about 10 months and it started operating on its own, going to sites, popping up apps, and dialing people on its own. I took it to Verizon and they said it was my keyboard and reset it to Gingerbread...it worked for a coup,e weeks and did the same thing....so Verizon said it was my screen protector..so I took it off...still didn't fix it.....they kept giving me the run around until my warranty ran out...so I had to pay the $100 deductible to get another one...well 4 phones later in just 2 months I am still having the same issues...the phone's keyboards are going crazy or they keyboards won"t type...they just freeze up...I am so sick of Verizon giving me the run around with these junk phone it is **! I am going to the store tomorrow and if they don't make it right...I am going elsewhere!!! I will pay my $150 a month to another carrier!!! 

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                        that screen protector thing is ** btw. Screen protectors are specifically designed for phones and could in no way act of their own accord. Just ticks me off that all they did was give me the run around and I felt completely ignored and denied constantly about the issue. They made it seem like it was entirely my fault what ever was wrong was happening. Just don't believe them. Thats my advice. Came here and so many people had the same issue it wasn't funny. I questioned why Verizon would make me out to be the bad guy when there are so many posts on this.

                        My solution. Get a new phone. Either get referbished (which I decided was ** too cause they were all as expensive as getting a new one anyway) so you don't have to get a new 2 year plan.

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                          When it comes down to it the only reason I'm even going to stay on my family's plan is we're grandfathered in with unlimited data, etc. I have an Android 2 as well and the urge to destroy it with a nuke is starting to happen constantly. The touch screen will not unlock 99% of the time and when it does it takes me to random apps, my calculator, or tries to call people at will. I'm just glad so far it hasn't dialed 911. Seeing as this is a common problem with 'Droid 2 users, I figure I'm just going to hopefully find a better model. Probably done with anymore Androids for good and if it turns out that the family plan ends at some point I'm saying goodbye to Verizon forever. Customer Service is terrible and the constant sales when what you need is troubleshooting is ridiculous. People need to learn to do tech support instead of suggesting even worse phones. Anyways, that's my two cents. Good luck to everyone else who has my problem!

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