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    Trouble porting number from Sprint to Verizon


      Earlier this week I started a two year contract with Verizon. I decided to port my current Sprint number over as my contract with them is coming to a close. My galaxy nexus from Verizon came in the mail on Thursday, and I activated it around 6pm that night. I understand that the porting process takes around 24 hours, however 4 days later it has still not completed. All of my incoming phone calls and most of my texts are sent to my old sprint phone. It seems I receive texts from other Verizon phones to my new phone.


      Does any one have any idea why it is taking so long to port? My contract with Sprint doesn't officially end until may 29th. Would this have anything to do with it?


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          You will have to call Sprint to see if they actually released your number and then VZW to make sure the port completed.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Welcome to the Verizon Wireless Family afj93!  Glad you joined along with us!  Sorry you’re experiencing problems with your number porting over.  Let me suggest you power off your old Sprint device, then power off the Galaxy Nexus, remove the battery http://bit.ly/KCUfn8 & SIM Card http://bit.ly/JbXDkQ for one minute and reinsert.  Once your reestablish a network connection, make test calls.  Let me know how this works out for you.  Thanks!

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              So far it has been 1 month and Verizon still has not ported my home phone number to my new carrier. What is The problem? Explain why it takes you this long to deliver this service... 

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                Are you speaking of a landline to landline switch??

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                  Dealing with the same issue right now!!! Got my new Verizon phone and activated it last night only to spend hours on the phone today to learn that the porting "didn't go through due to some glitch" ... I was told Verizon had to resubmit porting request to Sprint and I need to wait up to 24 hours and still not clear whether this will get resolved. So frustrated and fed up by customer service inadequacies and lack of understand/urgency to get anything done. You would think with the technology nowadays these issues wouldn't come up.

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                    I had my Sprint lines all transferred within a matter of 10 minutes switching to Verizon. Also you go into your account online. Look at the number they have listed. If its not showing the new one, your old Sprint number, then go look for the tab that says change your number. Click that fill out the info for account number, name and pin. After everything submit it. You will usually get a text saying porting request submitted. When finished it should send you another text. Make sure to shut off your phone and turn it back on. They dont seem to reset unless you do. It can take up to 24 hours to port it over BUT if your account has already been terminated with Sprint they will not be able to transfer the number. I just transferred 2 tmobile numbers over last weekend and one took 20 minutes and another a couple hours. But the one that took a couple hours showed the new number on the account way before the porting was finished.

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                      Landline ports have a 2 to 10 business day timeframe on their completion.

                      If it has already been an entire month, it is more than likely due to some misinformation .

                      Your new service provider should have tried to contact you to let you know.

                      But if they haven't, try calling them. They will more than likely need some information from your Verizon Communications account.

                      So it would be best to contact your NEW service provider and check, since once THEY submit the request the number, it is THEIR job to TAKE it from your current provider.

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                        Wireless to wireless ports are usually very short, and take maybe 10 minutes or so to complete.
                        The timeframe VZW gives you will be 4-24 hours.
                        If it is not completed in EITHER of those timeframes, then there is likely something wrong with onformation on the port. Maybe a wrong acct number or something.
                        Try calling VZW Porting Department to ask why.

                        They can see both incoming and outgoing ports, and what information is needed.

                        In the middle of the porting process all incoming calls are still routed to the old phone, and really everything else comes through on your new one.

                        3/4 of the time if information is wrong they will call you about it and even leave a Voicemail. Of course if they are never able to reach you, you wouldn't know what is happening and they wouldn't know how to tell you.

                        So I don't know if this has been resolved yet or not, but just call the Port Department!